​2020 International Peace Day: Shedrack Agediga Foundation Calls For Peaceful Coexistence 

By Binebai Princewill

Chairman of a leading Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) under the aegis of Shedrack Agediga Foundation (SAF), Amb. Comr. Shedrack Agediga have called for a peaceful coexistence among ethnic groups, religions and nations all over the world as it is the bedrock of development and a happy life.

The multiple  award winning Non Governmental Organisation’s (NGO) Chairman, Amb. Agediga made the call earlier today in Warri via a statement sent to The Liberator Newspaper as part of the NGO’s activities of marking the 2020 International Day of Peace.

Speaking further on the importance of peace, Agediga maintained that peace is priceless, stressing that its gains cannot be overemphasized. 

He had particularly called on critical stakeholders in the world to always see reasons for peaceful coexistence just as he said there is hardly any gain associated with violence. 

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 In his words: “Today is International day of peace. It is a day set aside by the United Nations to recognize the efforts of those who worked hard to end conflict and promote peace among nations and people. 

“The theme of this year is ‘shaping peace together’ with a call on all persons to spread compassion, kindness and hope  in the face of Covid-19 pandemic and to stand together with the UN against using the virus to promote discrimination or hatred. 

“Shedrack Agediga Foundation (SAF) enjoin all peace lovers across the world to uphold the virtue of compassion as a veritable tool for sustainable peace among nations and people 

“Compassion, a deep empathy that gives rise to an active desire to alleviate another’s suffering. Friendliness, kindness, selflessness and the inclination to be generous. Having a love of humankind accompanied by a desire to encourage the happiness of others.”

The Liberator Newspaper can report that the Shedrack Agediga Foundation has over the years become one of the most viable NGO in Nigeria, preaching peace and discouraging violence. 

Beside preaching peace constantly, SAF have been transforming the lives of many through financial assistance  and training of individuals around the world, most recent kind gesture of the NGO was the massive distribution of food items to communities in the creeks during the nationwide lockdown occasioned by the novel coronavirus and the distribution of preventive materials to prevent the virus in the creeks of Niger Delta. 

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