​Burutu LGA Students To Commence Life Changing Programme Among Youths On 4th to 6th Of December 

…Appeals to leaders for sponsorship 

By Binebai Princewill

Apex Students group in Burutu under the aegis of National Association of Burutu Local Government Students (NABLOGS) have begin the process of commencing a three  days programme for youths in the Local Government.

This was contained in a statement issued to newsmen in Warri yesterday, signed by Comr. Samson Azigbeotu, President, national association of Burutu Local Government Students, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers. 

President Azigbeotu had noted that the programme will be targeting the training of not less than 300 students on some soft skills drawn across the local government, stressing that the 300 students would comprise SSS students, secondary School leavers and undergraduates who are indigenes of the Local Government. 

He said while the gains of the programme cannot be overemphasized, the NABLOGS president had appealed to good spirited leaders in Burutu Local Government and beyond to assist them financially to enable them executive the programme. 

The NABLOGS boss maintained that the vocational education summit will hold on the 4th to 6th of December 2020 at Elder Godsday Orubebe’s Compound, Ogbobagbene community  in Burutu Local Government Area. 

It would be recalled that the Hon. Godsday Orubebe is a former Minister Niger Delta Ministry, federal republic of Nigeria. 

The proposal for the three days programme reads in full below:

Sir, Ma, Chief 

Appeal for fund to organize Three days Vocational education submit for students in Burutu local Government Area.

We humbly write to appeal to you and your good office, as the Burutu Council executive  Chairman as well as the Grandpatron of our great association,for fund to help us organize a three days Vocational education submit Themed;even a professor need a skill, for students in the LGA.The workshop is scheduled to start from the 4th to 6th December 2020 in Eld.Godday Orubebe’Compound, Ogbobagbene Community.We humbly appeal to your Good for the fund of Five Hundred Thousands Naira only (#500,000.00) to help us organize this program.

We are aware of  your commitment in fulfilling your campaign promises even though we have been struggling to get delivered of same from you.We sincerely believe in your ability to carry the students along in your developmental strides.

Sir,the three days workshop is aim at equipping students especially the Girl Child with some soft skills.These skills will  serve has tools of empowerment to secondary School leavers and other undergraduate in the LGA.It is our desire in this project to bridge the gap between the Creek students and their counterparts in the urban areas.Our attention in this program will be given to only students in SSS 3 and undergraduates  which would selected Randomly from the Eighth clans in the LGA.

Students would be trained on the following vocationals Skills.

1.Detergent production

2.Liquid Soap production

3.Makeup Training

4.Zik Production

5.Skills on how to make money online.

Students would be grouped according to their area of interest.

  Sir,the financial Budden of this laudable project is beyond the capacity of students to bear.As the Grandpatron,we believe that you will deem it fit to sponsor this program.Thank you Sir for your usual cooperation and support.


In supplementing and consolidating the efforts of teachers of secondary schools in the Local government area, this project is aimed at eliminating the disparity between students in the Riverine communities and their counterparts in the urban areas. The Riverine community students face numerous challenges. This is because education generally in the Riverine communities is in a state of coma. School buildings are dilapidated and have become an eyesore which is at variance with students learning temperament. It is therefore not surprising to see students trained and groomed under such conditions with no skill to read and write. These students after graduating from schools under such frustrating and inhibiting circumstances become vulnerable to social vices. They become hopeless and gullible to negative impulse as they lost their childhood dreams by reason of the circumstances and the environment they find themselves. Survival of the fittest, becomes their daily slogan and watchword. This is the accidental mother which give birth to militancy and youths restiveness in the creek. Sadly, this trend has continued unabated as thousands of youths leave school with no clear vision and direction in life due to poor education and wrong orientation.

More often than not, the girls becomes unwanted pregnancy carriers and the boys unprepared fathers whose children will replicate the same process. This ends up in illiterate and uneducated parents giving birth or breeding rabble of youths. The above presumption is the customary life of youths in our Villages in the creeks.

A larger part of the population in the creeks are deformed by illiteracy and ignorance. We shall through this project draw the attention of the government and oil companies to the plight of students in the Riverine communities. The hopes of theses vibrant youths have been alienated and their expectations dashed.

Schools in the Riverine communities are always understaffed and even the few staff members employed, consistently absent themselves from work. This is not the situation in schools located in the urban areas. Students in the rural communities because of this educational injustice and backwardness often see themselves as second class or inferior to students in urban areas. This has negatively affected their self-look and their academic competitive ability.

As the Apex students body in Burutu local government area, it behooves on us to formulate programmes, serminas, lectures and other relevant schemes to brigde this painful gab. This different can be seen as a form of injustice to the Riverine communities which are the economic pillars of our nation and in Delta State in particular. It is sad and paradoxical for these communities upon whose wealth, the Nigeria’s and Delta State projects solely relies on to have suffered this unwarranted injustice.

We intend to achieve our aims stipulated in this proposal through serminas, lectures and vocational skills carefully designed to equip students to compete with their counterparts. Special attention would be given to the vocational skill segment of this project.

The aim of this program is purposefully equip Students with some soft Skills.the importance of vocational skill of an individual can’t overemphasized.Goverment at all levels has always encourage people to go into entrepreneural skills.this is because,the world economy is moving to technical economy which give more advantage to people with skill.

Vocational education in the creek is zero hence we embark on this laudable program to educate and train is our sincere believe that

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The different programmes and activities formulated in this project are aimed at achieving the following goals. They are:

1. STIMULATION OF LEARNING: When this project is pursued to its logical conclusion, it will inspire students in the Riverine communities to study with a new vigor towards achieving Success in their academic careers.

2. BIDGE BUILDING: This project with its programmes will help to link the gulf between students in Riverine communities and their counterparts in Township.

3. PROMOTION OF ACADEMIC COMPETENCE: Through this project, students will be groovy and lectured to meet up the tempo of current academic skills and performance. Clinical psychologist will also be employed to orientate students in accordance with the current trend in academic undertakings.

4. VOCATIONAL SKILL ACQUISITION: This is the central goal of this project. This project will make provision that enables  students for entrepreneurship. Provision will be made to engage and equip students with different skill acquisition. This is the nucleus of the project. It is the goal of this project to equip students with the aforementioned skills with which students could commit themselves into productive engagement. This aspect of the project is carefully designed to eliminate idleness with its resultant negative influence. This segment is also in line with the gospel of self-employment in Nigeria. Students equipped with these skills can engage themselves before and after their tertiary education. They will be able to appreciate the importance of self-development and capacity building.

5. TALENT HUNTING: The project will serve as a veritable platform for students to showcase their talents. This is another key aspect of the project because, there is an abundance of youths with talent in the creeks which need to be discovered and encouraged. This project has a special programme for sporting activities created also to discover talented students and youths living in our communities.

6. CREATION OF CULTURAL AND SOCIO-POLITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS: Lectures would be given to inculcate students with our cultural values vis-a-vis the contemporary challenges .A socio-political awareness will be created in the minds of students. This is apt as the youths they say are the leaders if tomorrow.


1.Material and personnel’s for the production of detergent= #100,000.00

2.Material and personnel’s for Liquid Soap production= #100,000.00

3.Materials and personnel’s for Zik production= #85,000.00

4.Production and distribution of Instructional Materials= #150,000.00 5.Materials and personnel’s for make-up training= #100,000.00

6.Awards and certificate for deserving students= #100,000.00

7.Transportation  and Logistics= #150,000.00


9.Decoration and stage management=75,000.00

10.Sound system=#90,000.00

11.Security Votes=#50,000.00

12.Grand Total=One Million,Four Hundred Thousands Naira Only(#1,400.000.00).


The moribund condition of education in our Riverine communities and the insidious corollary in the life of students and youths in the communities and our desire to remedy this ugly trend is the mission of this project. As a student’s body, we are financially incompetent to actualize this programme. Hence we solicit your financial assistance knowing fully well of your humanitarian spirit and the bond of solidarity you share with your people. We are not also unmindful of your numerous contributions towards the development of your people. It is a responsibility and status God has placed you for the very purpose of this project.  We plead that you critically look into this project and see the consequential benefits of this project for students living in the villages.

Three days dedicated to this project is to raise the standard of education and students in the Riverine communities and the overall promotion of your name. Your name and your face will be in every print in the course of this project. We want to categorically state that we shall take records of every activities for reference purpose and as an evidence of our determination to contribute our own quota for society. We shall take voice note, video coverage, Pictures and inventory of every activities outline in this programme.

We are certain that you will see this proposal as an opportunity to raise the bar of educational backwardness in the Riverine communities and to better the life of students in the creek.

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