​Chief Oweizide Congratulates Iduwini Delta New GMoU Board, Speaks On Capacity Of Angiama – The Liberator 

By Binebai Princewill 

Chief Oweizide  Dio, the Ozufarewei of Iduwini Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State has congratulated the newly inaugurated Iduwini Delta Cluster Development Board GMoU members on their latest positions. 

Chief Dio while speaking on the capacity of the new Iduwini Delta Cluster Development Board, GMoU chairman, Mr. Harrison Angiama maintained that he has no doubt in him that the new board will consolidate on the achievements of the previous board and improve on the development of communities constituting the GMoU in the Kingdom. 

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Oweizide issued the congratulatory message to newsmen in Lagos yesterday, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper. 

Speaking further, the Ozufarewei of Iduwini Kingdom had also charged the new board to carry everyone along by operating an open door policy, stressing that the board should be more of a uniting factor in the kingdom. 

In his words: “I on behalf of my entire family and all the various constituencies I represents wish to congratulate the Harrison Angiama led new Iduwini Delta Cluster Development Board GMoU. 

“It is my prayer that the  Lord Almighty shall endear you with unprecedented wisdom and knowledge to pilot the affairs of the board to a greater height. Once again congratulations to you all”.

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