​Elder Ibilou Authenticates Aribogha’s Chairmanship In Odidi 

By Binebai Princewill 

Member of one of the founding fathers in Odidi federated communities, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, Elder (Engr) Moses Ibilou has authenticated the chairmanship of Chief Johnny Aribogha as the real chairman of the oil bearing community along with its executives.
This was contained in a statement issued to newsmen in Warri yesterday signed by Elder (Engr) Moses Ibilou, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers. 
Elder Ibilou noted that he was left with no other option than to inform all those that may have been misinformed by certain group of people purportedly parading  themselves as new executive members of the community. 

The revered leader of Odidi community stated that while he is from Okewala ( Gawele ) family in Odidi, a major family that founded the community noted with shock that people could brazenly mobilize themselves with high level of impunity to go against constituted authorities for what they described as another executive in Odidi. 

He said people should not be manipulated by such antics to disunite the community as the Chief Johnny Aribogha exco remains the authentic  one as it has the blessing of the elders council which is the supreme and highest decision making organ  and have a fair representation of all the various families constituting Odidi. 

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Engr. Moses Ibilou also gives an historical insights on how the Odidi Chairmanship has been handled over time for decades. 

In his words: “Odidi is made up of  five (5 ) families and all the five families are from one grand father Dinakorogha. Dinakorogha gave birth to Okewala ( Gewale ) first before DERIBI, Bousenumugha, Taimeimene and Keniyimbo. 

“These  five children’s of Dinakorogha made up Odidi comunity, so executive of Odidi  community and youth is shared among this five families mentioned earlier. In 1960s pa Mene Deribi of blessed memory was the sole administrator of Odidi community. And also in 1970s Pa Forcados Aribogha of blessed memory was the sole administrator. Also from 1981-1995, Pa Chief Dr S.Y Mamamu was the sole administrator with other family members. But from 1997 till date which first Pa Chief Dr S.Y Mamamu was dully selected and nominated by the elders to run the affairs of Odidi community and all the five families was well represented in the executive. 

“Then in 2016 High Chief Jonny Aribogha was dully selected and nominated by the elders to run the affairs of Odidi community and all the five families was well represented in the executive. Then in 2020 the Odidi elders extended High Chief Jonny tenure to another four years i.e from 2020 -2024 and all the five families was represented. 

“As of today i am surprised how some few youths nominated themselves that they are the new executives in Odidi community without the elders notice and the five families was not even represented. So the public should not take them serious because High Chief Jonny Aribogha government is still in place until the elders say otherwise. “

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