​Exclusive: How Prophet Jeremiah Shamed Traducers, Urges Critics To Repent, Splashes Cash On Workers 

Says Coronavirus is waning out in batches as it is already in the mortuary 

By Binebai Princewill

General Overseer (GO) and founder of Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Jeremiah  Omoto Fufeyin, popularly known as Owomowomo, fresh and raw has shamed his traducers with his usual generous and philanthropic style of rendering assistance to humanity. 

While advising his critics to repent from their wicked ways, the International annointed man of God  on Thursday (Yesterday) the 20th of August 2020 splashed cash worthing millions of naira on different categories of workers in Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministry as his way of rewarding them for working so hard to ensure that the ministry continue to wax strong and stronger. 

Speaking in an emergency meeting  between Prophet Omoto and his over 1500 (One thousand five hundred) workers at his wonderfully and beautifully built church premises located at Km 5, Effurun-Sapele expressway, Effurun-Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, known as Mercy City, the Prophet maintained that his critics are only making him strong and stronger to continue with his good works in the lives of people across the country. 

In the emergency meeting, the General Overseer frowned at all those that are bent on tarnishing his hard earned reputation, stressing that he knew the several hurdles he passed through in life before getting to where he is today which he described as the mighty hand of God.

He noted that due to his tortures experiences in life and now that he has been blessed by God, he values the lives of all humans in the society wherever they come from hence his philantropic and charitable style of giving back to the society. 

While speaking on the relationship between himself and the workers in the church, Prophet Fufeyin revealed that he has over 1500 workers working in different departments of the Church at Mercy City. 

He said as soon as the Delta State Government announces its plan to lockdown the state to avoid rampant spread of the novel coronavirus, he Immediately alerted all members of his Church that there won’t be service until the state Government takes decision on what should follow  next, this he said he did on March 2020.

He said particularly in March 21st, he paid the salaries of all the workers in his Church because he already has a prophetic insight of how life will be difficult to people during the lockdown. 

The man of God continued that he told all his workers not to come to work they should all stay in their homes to comply with the directives of the State Government.

By way of helping out, some  very key workers that are rendering essential services in Mercy City were camped in the church with free accommodation, free feeding and what have you, numbering over 400 (four hundred) workers for allegedly two months. 

As the total lockdown began in Delta State on April 1st 2020 that lasted until 28th of April with the gradual ease of the lockdown, it would be recalled that the revered International philanthropic man of God dolled out millions of naira to purchase food items as palliatives to the State Government as part of his contribution.

This according to the man of God was later followed by 34 days giveaway of cash to people across Nigeria and beyond via the display of his phone numbers on social media platforms, several people called and was being credited with varying degrees of cash as the spirit directs. 

When asked during an exclusive interview session with The Liberator Newspaper, Prophet Jeremiah stated that he did not only give palliatives to only Delta State, but noted that he sends cash and at other instances palliatives to the indigents in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, other parts in the North, East and Western parts of the country. Some persons were sent to different mosques around the country by way of reaching out to them. 

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Owomowomo asserted that he even gave his tithe to workers of his Church and every now and then he keeps on blessing them financially and otherwise, stressing that if the World know him as a good man with charitable qualities, why then will he not give to members or workers of his church, describing it as his family. 

However, during the emergency meeting of yesterday, the Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministry General Overseer also used the meeting to bless three departments in his Church, worthing millions of naira and a whopping amount was given to all workers who turned out for the emergency meeting as transport fare.

The prophet noted that giving to his people has always been part of him as he won’t be tired of doing good to people despite acerbic criticisms that his critics may want to come up with. 

He said the blessing of the various departmental workers in the church will be a continuous process as it will definitely go round to all departments in the church, stressing that everyone is important in his church and life itself. 

Some units that got the Prophet’s charitable  cash blessing yesterday include Media, Ushering  and Sanitation departments all  received the sum of N700,000,00 (Seven hundred thousand naira) each as a way of appreciating them for their hard works in transforming the ministry within such a short period of time.

In addition to the cash given to the aforementioned departments, he also dolled out N500,000,00 as transport fare to all workers that turned out for the meeting. 

Workers testifies of Prophet Fufeyin’s goodness to them, blast critics of Omoto, describes them as agent of darkness 

However, during the meeting, workers in the Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministry representing different segments of the workers had lashed out on critics and traducers of the General Overseer (GO), testifying of his goodness towards them, stressing that in him several workers and worshippers of the church has built houses, cars has been bought to countless people, many now employed, business men and women with other activities too numerous to mention. 

Speaking in similar manner, Prophet Sunday Okuma Iyire, Mrs Gift Kadiri, Mr. Ebi Sampson and others defended the man of God for being a good man to not just his church workers or members but anyone who comes in contact with him. 

They particularly warned critics and traducers of Prophet Omoto to desist from such unholy act, adding that the consequences of speaking against a true servant of God like Omoto Fufeyin could be dire, noting that those bent on tarnishing the image of the revered prophet of God are agents of darkness. 

In their words: “Prophet  Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin is an helper to the nation, a humanitarian to the core, he has sympathy on people, he takes care of people from different divides. The likes of Omoto is exceptional, he has value for his workers, the world should know that he is not just an ordinary man, there are times he had even sent people to the North to cook for people, displaced Boko Haram victims and he has been doing wonderfully well”. Prophet Sunday Okuma Iyire, from Kaduna State 

“I build house in my village all thanks to Prophet Omoto, in other ministries, it is the church members that carter for their pastors and not the other way round. It is only here in Mercy City that they are paying each worker. I have not seen this before in my entire life. We can hardly see any ministry in the world that takes care of workers and people like this”. Gift Kadiri from Edo State. 

“Prophet  Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin,  our Daddy, the General Overseer (GO) is not just a man of God  but a symbol of Christ, he is so generous, he gives to people from the North, South, East and even to other countries. Jesus will not come down to help people but he is now manifesting himself in Omoto Fufeyin, he is an amazing father. Your good works have touched every nook and cranny, I was nobody when you polished my life to what it is today.” Ebi Sampson, Choir Master, he is from Bayelsa State. 

Meanwhile, an interview with journalists shortly after the meeting, firebrand International man of God noted that he had prophesied the coming of coronavirus as far back 2014 during one of his Sunday services. 

He noted that as at then, he even called the name as Covid, stressing that what is happening in the country now is a fulfilment of God’s prophecy.

The prophet when quizzed if there is any hope in sight for the flushing out of the novel coronavirus in the country, he maintained that God  told him ever since that the virus will be waning out in batches, stressing that when he used the word batch by batch fizzling out of the virus prophetically, most people did not understand him but now the word is now being used more widely as regards the virus. 

Jeremiah said as a man of God, himself and other men of God have prayed and still praying for the virus to tally fizzle out hence things are now gradually becoming normal in the country, emphasising that there is no cause for alarm. 

He particularly assured Nigerians not to panic anymore, saying that Covid-19 is already in the mortuary prophetically as it is already becoming an history.

Nevertheless, Prophet Jeremiah also hinted his members all over the world that with the gradual ease of lockdown, the church is now open skeletally to carry out services.

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