​FLOOD: Humanitarian Crises Looms In Delta Ijaw Riverine Communities As Government Remains Adamant 

By Binebai Princewill

Humanitarian crises is gradually rocking Delta Ijaw riverine communities as flood sacks and displaced thousands of residents from their various communities in Burutu, Patani and Bomadi Local Government Areas of Delta State. The Liberator Newspapers can report. 

Some of the gravely affected communities include Akugbene, Ogbein-ama, Kalafieugbene, Ogriagbene, Esanma, Gbekebor, Okrika, Ayakoromo, Obotebe and other communities in both Burutu, Bomadi and Patani Local Government Areas of Delta State.

According to residents from these communities, life has become terrible and hellish for them as they have been displaced by the flood. 

Our sources explained that while the flood has rendered them homeless, it has also destroyed their properties worthing millions of naira.

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However, The Liberator Newspapers can report that religious, educational and business activities including fish farms have been paralyzed.

Testimonies from residents of these affected communities stressed that while their homes have been sacked by the rampaging flood, there are also severe cases of health challenges suffered by the people. 

Nevertheless, while the people grapple with all these challenges, the Government with which the people have since  surrendered their authorities to protect them have continued to remain unperturbed and adamant. 

There have been no relief materials to the affected communities nor the building of IDP camps for the displaced persons on the part of Government. 

It would be recalled that the flood is increasing by the day as the people continue to suffer. 

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