​Gbaramatu Youth Council Visit’s Oporoza, Introduces Exco To King Aketekpe, Seeks Royal Blessings  – The Liberator

By Binebai Princewill  

Newly democratically elected and inaugurated Gbaramatu Youth Council (GYC) Executive members and other youths led by its president general, Comr. Shadrach Onitsha Ebikeme earlier today visited the revered paramount ruler of Gbaramatu Kingdom in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, His Royal Majesty, Oboro Gbaraun II, Aketekpe, Agadagba at his palace, Oporoza, traditional headquarter of the kingdom. 

The visit was aimed at introducing the new executive members of GYC to the paramount ruler of the kingdom and to seek royal blessings from the traditional ruler in order to forge ahead to draw and contribute their quota towards the growth and development of the kingdom. 

In his speech during the visit, President general of the Gbaramatu Youth Council, Comr. Shadrach Onitsha Ebikeme appreciated King Aketekpe for the audience and warm reception given to him and the entire delegation, adding that he is excited, vowing that he will continue to pray for  long life and prosperity for king Agadagba, stressing that he is a true blessing to the people of Gbaramatu Kingdom and the Ijaw nation at large. 

Reeling out his primary agenda, President Ebikeme stated that his administration has come on board to work seriously for both cultural, political, social and economic development of Gbaramatu Kingdom, adding that there are multifaceted daunting challenges bedeviling the kingdom as he will not seat idle to watch without taking proactive steps in addressing some of these lingering issues. 

Speaking further, Comr. Shadrach noted that his administration will continue to liaise with appropriate authorities in Gbaramatu Kingdom, maintaining that he will work closely with the traditional council, elders of the kingdom, various community leadership and other critical stakeholders in the system to drive home the much needed development in the Kingdom. 

Ebikeme had maintained that youths of the kingdom under his watch will always be available when the king and the traditional council of chiefs wants their presence under any capacity, stressing that his administration truly meant well for the kingdom. 

The GYC president particularly appealed to the traditional ruler of Gbaramatu Kingdom, Aketekpe to give the apex youth body in the kingdom his backing, stressing that the kingdom is blessed with both human and natural endowments, adding that his executive will vigorously pursue employment of youths of the kingdom by the multinational oil companies operating in the area. 

In his words: “My work is that we have come to work for the progress of Gbaramatu Kingdom.

“We will work closely with the traditional council, elders, communities and other critical stakeholders in our kingdom to fashion out ways to move forward. 

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“Gbaramatu youths are educated, we deserve to work in the Oil companies as well, we have come to seek blessing from our revered monarch, we need your backing. Anytime the Kingdom needs us,  we shall always be available to carry out whatever assignment given to us.”

On his part, before dishing out his royal blessings on the youths, the pere of Gbaramatu Kingdom appreciated GYC for coordinating themselves by conducting a peaceful election to select new leadership and the subsequent coordination to identify with him and the traditional council of chiefs. 

Aketekpe assured the youths of his backing, stressing that there are truly multifaceted challenges rocking the kingdom, noting that the youths are the future and backbone of the kingdom as whatever you do for them would be strengthening the Kingdom. 

He lauded president Ebikeme for his vision to contribute towards the growth and development of the kingdom, stressing that he sees him as a man that is poised to succeed in his administration. 

“Youths are the power house of any Kingdom, God will bless you,  I can’t seat in high position and demote you, you people shall continue to grow, your voice shall continue to be loud, the former youth president really worked, there are many things that he did not mention. 

“The youths really needs backing from the Kingdom, move with focus, Gbaramatu Kingdom has a lot of issues we are grappling with, the palace really have series of cases we are dealing with. The youths will do a lot in tackling some of these issues. Let love lead. Let God give you wisdom and empower you  to deliver fully in this office.” King Aketekpe admonishes GYC officials. 

Earlier, immediate past president of GYC, Comr. Christopher Wuruyai on his part, highlighted some of the achievements of his administration which ranges from the boosting of Gbaramatu Kingdom  voting strength, ensuring a peaceful conduct of election in council, lots of writings projecting the image of Gbaramatu Kingdom and many more critical issues bothering on the progress of Gbaramatu. 

Comr. Christopher Wuruyai further maintained that his administration was able to draft a constitution for the conduct of youths activities in the council, stressing on the need to have rotational youth  meetings in council across communities in the kingdom. 

Meanwhile, in a brief chat with The Liberator Newspaper shortly after the visit, an emerging legal luminary, Barr. Frank Ekpemupolo, an opinion leader in GYC expressed confidence on the Shedrack Onitsha Ebikeme’ s led administration, noting that he is trusted and will deliver to the admiration of all in the Kingdom. 

Barr. Ekpemupolo had also appealed to critical stakeholders in the kingdom to support the GYC leadership in whatever capacities for them to succeed. 

The Gbaramatu Youth Council executives present during the visit include Comr. Ebikeme Onitsha Shadrach- President, Michael Itima – Vice President, Comr. Ebike Asoh – Sec Gen, Comr. Ebimoh Daniel – Assistant Sec, Engr. Godstime Ayetan- PRO, Comr. Believe Iselese – Fin Sec, Comr. Igelemo Godstime – Treasurer, Comr. Nanadigha Austin – Chief Organiser as well as Comr. Pepe Rufus – Organising Secretary.

Others present were Christopher Wuruyai, former President GYC, Barr. Frank Ekpemupolo, opinion leader, Comr. Doubra Wuruyai, secretary general aspirant, Ijaw Youth Council, IYC Worldwide, Comr. Joshua Otuaro, a youth leader in Gbaramatu Kingdom. 

Youth presidents from some communities in Gbaramatu Kingdom present during the occasion are Comr. Ebi Ekpemupolo, Youth President Of Okerenkoko Federated Community, Comr. Okrika P. Bernard,  Kunukunuma Youth President, Comr. James Mieotegha, Youth President Of Oporoza, community, Comr. Momotimi Imoun Tonlagha – Binikrukru Youth President as well as Comr. Super Adurumokumor, Youth President Of Kokodiagbene Community. 

While Chiefs present during the visit include Chief Wellington Bobo, Chief Morgan Bebenimibo, Chief Kpenfe Mike and Chief Joseph Ogun. 

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