​Happy 11 Years Marriage Anniversary To Mr & Mrs Sanibeni – The Liberator 

By Binebai Princewill 

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As today mark your glowing 11 years marriage anniversary, i wish to add my voice to that of your multifaceted friends, family and well wishers all over the World in celebrating you on this special day of your union.
Your union so far has been exemplanery, your union is indeed a distinct pair made from heaven as the duo have become masters in the art of marital affairs.
I could’nt have kept quiet today as today mark your 11 years of blissful marriage anniversary.
“11 years ago, God favoured me with a gift called Bestina by the gift I am where I am today, my darling, my sugar, my honey, my strength, my joy, my happiness, my pride, my ginger swaggelicious baby, I will forever be grateful for being with u, my prayers for us today is that may God perfect, establish and strengthen us for more years to reign and rule together as One. happy Anniversary to us.” Mr Emma Sanibeni Stated.
There are many positive things that defines your union, the high and uninterrupted level of understanding among them is so unique.
It is my prayer that your union shall continue to flourish with the Lord’s guidance and protection and more money to your bank accounts.
Once again, congratulations Mr & Mrs Emma S, continue to shine.

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