​Ijaw Group Expresses Fear Over Proposed South South Development Commission 

…Wants Niger Delta leaders to make wider consultations before proceeding 

By Binebai Princewill 

A Niger Delta based socio cultural group under the aegis of Ijaw Interest Advocates (IIA), popularly known as the Izanzan Intellectual Camp has expressed fear over the proposed South South Development Commission. 

The group expressed their fears in a communique signed and issued to newsmen in Benin city  yesterday, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers by the National Coordinator of the Izanzan Intellectual Camp, Amb Arerebo Yerinmene Snr.

While wondering on the proposed South South Development Commission, Amb. Salaco said it will be a duplication of commission since there is already the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and Niger Delta Ministry, he feared that if the South South Development Commission comes into limelight, it may lead to the scrapping of the NDDC and Niger Delta Ministry. 

The young human rights activist admonished Niger Delta leaders fronting the said matter to make wider consultations before proceeding with what he described as scary and questionable move. 

The communique reads in full below: 


We the members of the Ijaw Interest Advocates (IIA); Izanzan Intellectual Camp  on this day, Monday  1st of December, 2020 after a very critical meeting at the Izanzan Camp Conference Center (ICCC)  do make the following Observations and resolutions over the proposed South_South Development Commission;


1. That the proposed bill is to crush the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) hence our leaders; especially the politicians and stakeholders might not see what we are seeing. 

2. That the recent happenings in the country following the way and manner the Niger Region is been treated by the leadership at the centre, we observed that our political representatives and stakeholders are putting the Niger Delta in a dangerous position. 

3. That our political leaders actions and in actions are geared toward only today benefits without reckoning  on the tomorrow consequences that will endanger the sustainability of the region. This is a deviation from the major function of our representatives.

4. That the antiquated don’t want to give chance to the younger ones to negotiate the future of the region but still want to be in charge even after exhausting  their youthful exuberance. 

5. That the representation and leadership of  our representatives over the time has not only left majority of their consttituents in doubt about  their leadership but has greatly created a state of managerial lacuna of leadership and proliferating improvishment in the region.

6. That the observation in Paragraph  3 above is in gross observation that might push youths to take action against their ill leadership patern which might cause insecurety in the already peace exiting region.


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In line with the aforementioned observations we do state solemnly without any iota of reservation thus:

1. That we can no longer watch with utter indifference, the gross negligence and incompetency demonstrated by those we entrusted with sensitive leadership; political reps and stakeholders.

2. That we direct our political leaders and stakeholders to call for a town hall meeting for us to deliberate the future of the region most especially the Proposed South_ South Development Bill that we are perceiving as skill to kill the NDDC. 

3. That all our reps and stakeholders should henceforth stop meeting and commenting on the proposed bill until the doubts of the people are cleared apparently.

4.That the affairs of the development of the Niger Region should henceforth never be compromised for selfish interest for any reason whatsover as we have already lunched our satalittes to all our representatives hence we shall never for any reason keep mute in the face of relegating our collective develomental interest to the background.

5.  That untill our doubts have been  cleared  over the proposed South_South Development commssion, we shall continue to go against the bill as it is targeted to continue to exploit the Niger Delta resources to develop the north.

6. That we shall use any means legal and or lawful despite who is involved to ensure that the right thing is done to advance the Niger Delta region develomentally and otherwise.

7.That we will continue to go against the proposed bill until all our leaders that endorsed the proposed bill comply with Paragraphs 2, 3 and 5 of our resolutions/demands above.  

Signed for Ijaw Interest Advocates (IIA);

Amb Arerebo Yerinmene Snr

(National Coordinator)

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