​Ijaw Music: Takemebo Releases Two Albums, To Hit Market Tommorow – The Liberator 

By Binebai Princewill 

An Ijaw music luminary, High Chief Kingsley Takemebo, alias the Miekuro has released two wonderful Ijaw  music albums with each track dealing with pertinent issues rocking the ethnic nationality in the Nigerian State. 

Chief Kingsley hinted The Liberator Newspaper that the scintillating albums will be released officially to the market tomorrow (Thursday) for the listening pleasure of his fans, Ijaws and the general public. 

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The albums are titled Covid-19 details/Izon-bebe and late Engr. Ebitubou Youkore Mamamu. 

The Ijaw music kingpin has urged his fans and members of the general public to get their copies tomorrow as the albums hits the market, stressing that the songs are entertaining, educating and good for the listening pleasure. 

Kingsley lamented seriously on the sufferings of the Ijaws in the various states that they are balkernized into during the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic, decrying the lack of a solidified leadership in Ijaw nation and expresses sadness when compared to other tribes.

Getting a copy at the market will be better to get the full gist of the song .

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