​Johnny Aribogha Remains Chairman Of Odidi Community Till The Next Four Years – Dr Mamamu 

…Says there is no issue, wants  security agencies to be aware 

By Binebai Princewill 

President and supreme leader of Odidi and its federated communities in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, Chief Dr. S. Y Mamamu has informed the Delta State Government, security agencies, multinational oil companies operating in the area and members of the general public that there is no issue at all in the community as a new community leadership led by Chief Johnny Aribogha has been reconstituted.

The supreme leader of Odidi, Chief Dr. S.Y Mamamu has called on all those fanning the embers of trouble to desist forthwith, adding that the task of selecting new leadership of the community is not a youth affair but an elders affair.

Chief Mamamu who is the most eldest man in the community while briefing The Liberator Newspapers on the matter yesterday at his residence in Warri stressed that he is speaking on behalf of the entire elders council to which he is the president, maintaining that the re-emergence of Chief Johnny Aribogha as Chairman of the community and other members of the executive was for  the best interest of the oil rich community to move forward. 

He said Chief Johnny Aribogha will continue to be chairman of the community for the next four years, this according to him was done for technical reasons beyond the comprehension of some of those fanning the embers of trouble, saying that ‘what an elder sees while seating down, a child will not see it even after climbing a mountain”.

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Dr. Mamamu continued that no one manipulated him or the elders council to give a second tenure to Chief Johnny Aribogha, stressing that his stamp was duly authorised and used by him via a unanimous agreement among members of the elders council, warning that no one should bring in different interpretation on a move he said was done to salvage the community for sustainable growth. 
Elder Mamamu stated that introduction letters have been written to all the appropriate authorities just as he called on such authorities to deal with Chief Aribogha and his exco members, adding that there is no issue at all. 

Meanwhile, when contacted, Chief Johnny Aribogha, chairman of Odidi and its federated communities maintained that he has no issue with anyone as his re-emergence as Chairman of Odidi was ratified by the elders council on the 25th of November 2020.

He Explained that  the hierarchy of leadership, Johnny Aribogha said the Elders Council is the highest decision making organ of the community that has been  empowered to select new leadership of the community over time. 

Chief Aribogha noted that after the elders council, the next hierarchy of leadership falls to the community executive led by his humble self before the last hierarchy of leadership which according to him is the youth organ. 

The revered Chief opined that while he will not be deterred by the antics of his traducers, he says he sees everyone as his people and would not join issues with them, stressing that he is focussed on tackling the multifaceted woes confronting the community, just had He admonished to accept the reality on ground. 

Nevertheless, while opining that people must disagree to agree on issues, he called on his antagonists to calm down in order to join hands with him, his executive members as well as the elders council to move the community forward. 

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