​Nigeria At 60: Dekawei Calls For Deeper Reconciliation Among Nigerians To Make Country Work 

By Binebai Princewill 

A Nigerian based human rights activist, Amb. John Dekawei has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria and good spirited Nigerians to begin the process of a deeper reconciliation among regions, ethnic groups and political parties to make Nigeria work as a normal country. 

Amb. John Dekawei, a revered Niger Delta Youth leader made this known to newsmen in Abuja earlier today via a statement he personally signed, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers to mark the 60th independence of Nigeria.

The statement maintained that Nigeria is in a serious quagmire owing to the fact that every region and tribe seems to be aggrieved over one thing or the other, stressing that Nigeria is deeply disunited along party, religious, ethnic and regional lines.

The renowned philanthropist had particularly called on the Nigerian Government and well meaning Nigerians to urgently put in place a national reconciliation conference where both majority and minority tribes, political parties as well as religious leaders from all sides will seat down in round table to discuss the way forward of the country. 

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He said such a conference should be put in place immediately to avoid the ever rising call for disintegration of Nigeria, frowning at incendiary remarks from those in government making statements on the disintegration of the country. 

Amb. Dekawei said in the conference, leaders of political parties, ethnic group leaders and religious leaders should seat down in one table to discuss and to forgive where necessary and should redefine the Nigerian federation with a view of correcting all grey areas affecting segments of the country for which every region in the country will have equal opportunity, he said until this is done, Nigeria’s woes would be endless. 

Dekawei while distancing himself from those calling for disintegration of Nigeria, maintained that Nigerians can make the country work by themselves, stressing that hardly one would hear story of disintegration in among countries in the Western World, adding that the Lord Almighty did not make any mistake for bringing everyone under Nigeria. 

He said 60 years of Nigeria’s independence as a sovereign nation with so much natural resources, the country had continue to wallow in the dungeon of unproductive leadership from almost every quarter, stressing that such slow pace of development could only be traced to the embittered nature of Nigerians along ethnic, religious and party lines. 

Amb. John Dekawei is President general of the revered Niger Delta Socio Cultural group under the aegis of Delta Ijaw Youth Movement for Political Advancement (DIYMPA), raising the banner of good governance in Niger Delta and Nigeria at large. 

Meanwhile, It would be recalled that Amb. John Dekawei is the founder and chairman of the John Dekawei Foundation (JDF), a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) he has used in transforming the lives of many across the World. 

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