​Ogbe-Ijoh Youths Writes Open Letter To  Otuaro To Produce Next Councillor In Diebiri Ward 



Your Excellency, permit us to sincerely appreciate you for your unhidden good works, Our ears have heard and eyes have seen every thing you are doing all over the state and we pray God will give you the grace to lead us to his divine destination.

With deep pain in our heart, we want to plead with you to salvage us from this political slavery, abandonment, neglect, marginalization and wickedness exhibited by our leaders in Warri South West LGA.

The Diebiri ward which was created with others in 2004 consists of 8polling units amongst.
1. Diebiri town hall unit
2. Diebiri unit
3. Ikeremo unit
4. Efferrsuogbene  unit
5. Lokiri 1 unit
6. Lokiri 2 unit
7. Bumobolo unit
8. Odidi unit. 

Our leaders deliberately give all benefits to only the diebiri two units and the rest six units that have over Eight thousand(8,000) registered voters has been neglected.

We have tried our best to contest several councillorship elections but they turned down our quest with frivolous excuses and impose  some one from the two diebiri units and ask us to vote for them.

 We have always obeyed their decisions in the past years and political seasons and work with them to keep the unity and oneness of our great party but our lenience is taken for granted or is used to marginalize us for their personal political ambition and fame.

We heard they have taken decision and have already impose someone again from the two diebiri units again.
We have agreed as people from the six units of over eight thousand(8,000) registered voters, never to be part or accept  the usual self centered decisions of leaders to give the councillorship position to the two units in the forth coming council election for the following reasons.

1. The diebiri two units have been the only beneficiaries of the councillorship position for the past seventeen years (17yrs) here about

2. They have benefited all political appointments such as SSA’s, SA’s, EA’s and water way securities. etc 

3. Benefits accrued to the ward from our local government are all collected by the two diebiri units
Such as,
constituency projects,
Items giving to the ward,
End of year appreciation gifts given to the ward by the LGA chairmen, well wishers, political office holders and from our dear party PDP. 

4. All political positions given to the ward is taken by the two units. E.g. those representing the ward in LGA exco and ward exco.


1.  The leaders should give the councillorship position to the rest six units at this time, if it will be the usual leadership selection of conscientious candidate.

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2. If the leadership can’t do that  because of their political reasons they should allow us to do our free and fair ward primary.

3. Every form of benefit coming to the ward should be shared equally to all units.

4. We should be allowed to function in the party leadership from the state to ward level if the need arises.

5. No leader or person should make us second class citizen in our own constituency for we will never accept that anymore.

5. Let the leadership be free and fair in their dealings with Diebiri ward, not to make some units relevant only to vote for people and not to be voted for.

Your Excellency, it’s our humbly request for you to intervene in this issue and give us a fair judgement before the party primaries as all efforts we make to see you in person was aborted.

We have been PDP party faithfuls in all this years without receiving the dividends of democracy our great party believes and we will love to remain party faithfuls as we desire this errors to be corrected.

In conclusion, we believe in your leadership, fairness and accurate sense of judgement as such we believe this issue will be curtailed in your table without going further.


Signed for:leaders of the Aggrieved 6 units in Diebiri Ward.

Mr Dengha Lucky
        Odidi unit:

Mr Emmanuel Izowa Ikika.Bumobolo unit.

Apst. Joseph Anegba
Ikeremor unit.

Elder(Mrs) Queen Ajemitolu (Lokiri 1&2)

Apst.David Duwala Ebobra(Efferrsuogbene unit)

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