​Prince Abraham Releases New Ijaw Music Album, To Hit Market Nationwide Tomorrow 

By Binebai Princewill 

A music luminary, Prince Abraham Dono, an Ijaw music king in Asaba Kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State has released a new music album to thrill his fans and the entire Ijaws ahead of 2021. 

According to a chat with The Liberator Newspapers in Warri on Monday the 28th of December 2020, the Ijaw music kingpin noted that the much anticipated album will officially be available to all record selling stores  in the Niger Delta region, particularly in the Ijaw states on Thursday  (Tomorrow) for the listening pleasure of all Ijaws and Niger Deltans. 

Prince Abraham had maintained that the three tracked album is titled Ogirenwarekaemi special (Enemy is in a man’s household).

The talented Ijaw musician further explained that the tracks include Ogirenwarekaemi, think of your old age and prophecy. 

On the first track Ogirenwarekaemi, Prince Abraham Dono drives home the point that a man’s enemy is mostly from his own house, stressing that Ijaws and man indeed must learn to be careful in his dealings, adding that betrayals should also desist from betraying their fellow kinsmen. 

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However, on the second track titled think of your old age, the Isaba music king had called on sons and daughters of Ijaw nation to think of their old age, adding that humans should not just be living their lives without  having deeper thoughts on how their old age would be. 

He stressed that humans should think of their old age when they are young and to work hard to ensure that they live a comfortable life in their old age. 

Prince Abraham continued that the third track titled prophecy talks about prevailing circumstances bedeviling the society, noting that late Dr. King Robert Ebizimor of blessed memory had severally  said the life is strong (Kuroemi), adding that Barrister Smooth had also described the life as not been easy along with other Ijaw musicians,  maintaining that to him the prevailing circumstances in the world today is a fulfilment of prophecies foretold by the aforementioned musicians and others. 

The musician in the album stressed that there is nothing in this world for a man to be too serious with hence man should enjoy his or herself whenever the need arises. 

Meanwhile, Prince Abraham had called on all lovers of Ijaw music, particularly his fans worldwide to storm the market on Thursday  tomorrow the 31st of December  2020 to get copies of the album  for a full grasping of the message. 

He noted that the album  is one of the best so far as its lyrics, drumbeats and all that concerns the album is beautifully and wonderfully done with unprecedented level of composition. 

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