​Princewill Writes Gov. Diri, Other Ijaw Leaders To Urgently Conduct INC Elections 

…Says INC must be resuscitated to provide leadership for Ijaw nation

By Ndu Samuel, Asaba 

Niger Delta human rights activist, Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill has called on His Excellency, Sen. Douye Diri, Governor of Bayelsa State and other critical Ijaw leaders across the country to urgently conduct elections for the parent body of all Ijaws under the aegis of Ijaw National Congress (INC).

Amb. Binebai made the call yesterday via a statement he personally signed and issued to newsmen in Warri, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers. 

The young advocate noted that the call for the resuscitation of the mother body of Ijaw nation, the INC have become imperative owing to the multifaceted issues bedeviling the Ijaw ethnic nationality in the Nigerian state. 

Binebai had tasked Ijaw leaders to wake up to their responsibilities by urgently conducting elections for the INC, stressing that such constitution of the INC will provide direction for the Ijaw Ethnic nationality in the Nigerian. 

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Princewill however, pointed out that it is unacceptable for a vital organ such as the INC to have remained docile for these long without any leadership, adding that leaders must begin to work for its resuscitation to save the Ijaw nation from wobbling further. 

He said the times the Ijaws finds themselves in Nigeria is too critical for the highest decision making organ of all the Ijaws worldwide to remain in this moribund state. 

The Niger Delta rights activist had appealed to all litigants within the INC to throw away their legal battles for the interest of Ijaw nation and quickly come together to elect credible officials to pilot the affairs of the INC for the common good of all Ijaws, maintaining that “litigation and bickerings among ourselves will lead us to nowhere”.

Meanwhile, Yerin while expressing shock over the protracted delay in conducting the INC elections, the young social crusader had wondered on why the Electoral Committee of the INC have not been empowered to do their job which according to him is simply to conduct elections to fill in the remaining positions of the INC or otherwise as the entire Ijaw nation will deem fit. 

Speaking further, Princewill said it is not a good development for the Ijaw people not been able to elect leadership in the INC for this long, stressing that the Ijaw man is gradually becoming his own enemy. “What is there in INC that we cannot conduct mere  elections among ourselves to produce new leadership to continue our agitation for a better Ijaw nation in the Nigerian state, on whose interest is it that INC is in this moribund state without elected leaders for years now”?.

He continued that if the youth organ, the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) despites the crack witnessed during Omare and Oweilaemi era could be managed by Ijaw people which later culminated to the present leadership headed by Dcn Peter Timothy Igbifa why can’t the INC that is more of our elders do better than IYC. 

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