​Prophet Jeremiah Clears Air, Says His Traducers Will Continue To Fail, Rubbishes Allegations 

By Ndu Samuel

Following reports in some online media outlets alleging that the founder and General Overseer of Christ  MercyLand Deliverance Ministry, Snr. Prophet  Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, popularly known as Owomowomo  is using his wealth and position as instruments of oppression, the church have reacted.

A  senior protocol in the Church, Mr. Ebikabowei Edonyanbo  who spoke to The Liberator Newspapers  during an exclusive chat  recently at the church  premises in Warri had debunked  report saying the narration in the media was maliciously concocted, stressing that as a church they are not surprised at the attacks on the revered man of God, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin. 

He described the media reports as  plots to further tarnish the prophet’s  hard earn reputation by attention seekers who are not too comfortable with the pace at which God is lifting his son, adding that his critics and traducers have failed again and would continue to fail, as this is not the first one. 

He noted that the story been propagated in the media fell short of what truly transpired between the prophet, his blackmailers and  co travellers and urged the public to disregard those publications in totality.

Mr. Ebikabowei noted that as a ministry, it is not in their character to respond to every Tom, Dick and Harry, adding that some lies peddled before the public if not corrected may be taken as the truth, hence their response. 

He also dismissed  allegation that the Prophet invaded  the magistrate court in Ughelli on Tuesday (last week )  with over 30 armed security personnel to intimidate families and sympathisers of the defendants Godwin Boukan and his co-accused  Amos Wanki when the court convened to deliver judgment on the matter.

He also wondered why people would take it upon themselves to attack God’s anointed in such manner without having knowledge of how precious prophets are to the Lord Almighty. 

Narrating the experience, he said “These boys text Personal Assistant ( PA) to  Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin  through Facebook messenger,  one of them called the PA, Mr. Gideon Chancellor  with a private number that he sent him a message on messenger that he should go and check his messenger, accept his friend request that his name is Babatunde,  Segun, he should read his message and deliver the message to his Oga which is the prophet.”

“Gideon  told him he don’t pick private calls, that he is lucky for him to have picked his call, he told him to call with a visible number or he will not check the message, after some hours, he called Gideon  with an airtel number which was later discovered to be his private number.”

“When he called again, he told Gideon that  he was not joking, that Gideon should go and check the message. Immediately he dropped the call, Gideon  went to his messenger, although he did not accept his friend request till date, he wrote  a message that people have paid them to publish a video, that if Gideon  fail to deliver the message to  Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin  and get  back to them, they are going to publish it, and once they publish the video, it will tarnish the image of Prophet and that Gideon should immediately pass the message to his oga.”

“That was how everything started”

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“After that, they sent a message to  prophet Jeremiah, they also sent to one of our senior pastor, Pst Andy, after that, they started calling and threatened that if they fail to pay them the sum of fifty million naira they will publish the video.”

“From there, we were able to track the airtel number they used in calling, arrested Boukan, the next day, he confessed that one Amos was also involved and he was arrested too.”

They charged them to court, on the first day, the magistrate adjourned the case, the second time, the prosecutor said she was not feeling fine so the case was again adjourned.”

The third time we went to court, they came with thugs, community bus, about 2 buses and 5 cars filled with thugs, surrounded everywhere, then the magistrate was surprised at the crowd, he called them and discharged them, we did not even go with any security” 

“Because of the tension, the magistrate adjourned the case, saying that next time he need to arrange for security, that was how he adjourned again, 

“That was how  it all went, so I am surprised at the news they are cooking and  circulating,  the worse of it was that Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin did not even go to the court at Ughelli.” He said.

Meanwhile, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin had tasked media practitioners to investigate and verify the authenticity of the sources of their information before publishing, stressing that free, fair, credible, balanced and truthful reportage remains the key guiding principles of the media profession.

Fufeyin particularly cautioned media houses to stop misleading members of the general public with fake news and not to be an aggrieved party on issues by reporting only from one side. 

He continued that the ways of God are not the ways of men, adding that whoever that is bent on blackmailing him is not fighting him but God, maintaining that he is not bothered in anyway.

Prophet Jeremiah said he is aware that the devil is trying by all means necessary to  bring him down but assured his teeming worshippers and members of the general public to keep calm as God is in control, he said it was not easy for Jesus Christ while he was on earth, hence he is not surprised at the false negative publications and others that may even arise from other quarters in subsequent times, noting that there is no atom of truth in the various publications twisted against him, rather he is the one that is being blackmailed. 

Nevertheless, the Prophet said while he will not join issues with his traducers, he cautioned that there is a limit to which he could tolerate such lies, hence his response to clear the air. 

Nevertheless, when contacted Hon. Godwin Boukan one of the defendant in the case to hear his own side of the story for a balanced report, he said the matter is so sensitive as it is before a competent court of law in Ughelli, Delta State. 

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