​Pukon Cautions Lai Mohammed Over Statement On Water Resources Bill

The Secretary General of the Ijaw Youth Council, (IYC) Worldwide Rt. Honorable Frank Pukon has cautioned the Honorable Minister for Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed over his statement on the controversial Water Resource Bill. 

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Mr Pukon in a telephone interview to newsmen described the remark of Alhaji Mohammed has uncomplimentary, adding that, the Honorable Minister’s remark is worrisome and could further escalate the country’s protracted disunity. 
In a joint briefing with the Honorable Minister of Water Resources, Engr. Suleiman Adamu at Abuja, Lai Mohammed referring to the Water Resource Bill, said: “critics of the bill have either not read it or might be mischievous,”
Pukon however frowns on the minister’s remark, adding that it is ridiculous for him to tag critics of being mischievous or may have not read the bill. The Diebiri-born Western Ijaw activist stresses respected state mens and stakeholders in the country have described the Bill erroneous and heinous, emphasising that presidency should abort the controversial bill because it doesn’t reflect national harmony and unity. 
The Ijaw youth leader said: “What Nigerians need now are laws that will unify the country, create jobs and promote the country’s rich diversity.
“As Ijaw people we reject this Bill. We can’t accept a Bill that will exploit and subdue our economic advancement.
He says, with our abundant resources the Ijaw ethnic group from the Niger Delta region still lives in extreme poverty. 
“We lack basic amenities such as health care and Medicare, and of course no good road networks, even with the poor educational system in our region government would still not fund, as well as understaff staff. 
“We are battered and we struggle with environmental degradation due to gas flaring and oil exploration, rather die government to implement laws for our people and environment, they proposing Bills with exploitative tendencies. 
The Water Resource Bill, is an enemy to the development of the Niger Delta, Pukon said urging Niger Delta federal lawmakers to rise to the occasion and reject this infamous Bill.
He further advised the presidency to focus on laws that will promote the country’s diversity and create jobs for her youthful population.

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