​Surveillance: Ijaw Group Writes Buhari, Wants Urgent Cancellation Of Captain Okunbor’s Contract, Alleges Neglect – The Liberator 

By Binebai Princewill 

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An Ijaw group under the aegis of Oborotu Federated Youth Movement (OFYM) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently cancel the pipeline surveillance contract of Captain Hosa Okunbor in OML 32, Delta State. 
The group made their position known to newsmen in Warri yesterday via a statement signed by Comr. Napoleon Kenerekedi, President and self styled general Ebike Ekemieyefa, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper. 
The group had particularly alleged neglect by Ocean Marine Solutions Limited, stressing that OMS had failed in carrying others in the area along, adding that the contract should be revoked so that they can have a sense of belonging. 
The statement reads in full below:
It is an open knowledge that silence becomes evil in the face of violence and greed.
Therefore, it has become pertinent to inform the public particularly the federal government, under the amiable leadership of, His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari on the indiscriminate act by few people to subdue others.
There is a great quote that says: ”Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Nonetheless, before we proceed, it suffices us to make a brief introduction for public clarity: we are the Oborotu Federated Youth Movement an umbrella body of the youth in Burutu, Ofougbene, Forcados, and Yeye communities. It has always been our earnest desire and concern to see facilities sustaining the viability of our country’s economy are protected and given the maximum security. We have done this, to the point of putting our lives in danger. Well, these are the sacrifices people make to ensure this country works for all. Is this not patriotism? Is this not putting the country first?  Our patriotism has always been our doctrine, but we will not give credence to slavery either internally or externally. 
This statement obviously maybe belated but in the face of injustice and marginalization, nothing is late, except for the fact that one is in perpetual denial of the truth. 
Therefore, we posit that it is pure wickedness, an act of aberration for the Forcados Trunkline to be controlled by a few people to the detriment of others for about ten to fifteen years. 
There is no form of contestation that the surveillance job’s responsibility, is to protect pipelines, therefore, beneficiaries ought to cut across all communities within the Forcados axis. 
However, it is painful and disconcerting that, this has not been the order of the day. Few people who think they are demigods have denied others not to benefit, despite all tangible efforts to address this issue within the purview of our ability because we are family. Still, nothing was done, and this is flagrantly against moral justice and full endorsement of economic inequality. A clear case of feeding Paul and denying Peter. 
Let us be honest to our conscience if all communities that make up the Forcados Trunkline is an equal beneficiary, the job will fulfill its purpose and enhance the suffering of the many for not benefiting against the few benefiting. This is a bad signal, and everyone knows the consequences of a bad signal. Either it might lead to a rebellious act against the destruction or visualization of national assets, in this case, the federal government’s facilities    
Notwithstanding, all these injustices, we have solemnly promised ourselves and our unborn generation that, we can never condone chaos even to the point of undue arrogance, we will pursue our case in accordance with the rule of law and provision within the ambit of the constitution. 
Going forward we have vowed to continue to agitate and call for inclusivity  and equity, we also urge Capt Hosa to henceforth stop dealing with people claiming to be contractors handling the surveillance job in the Forcados Trunk Line.
Finally, we want to also urge the federal government and Captain Hosa on the manner in which this contract is underfunded and call for proper attention to be given the indigenes. Insofar, we are law-abiding people, we give the federal government a benefit of doubt. This benefit of doubt, is for the federal government to come out clean that they are not conniving with those self acclaimed contractors to improverish our people.

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