​The Devil Have Vowed Not To See Good Men Occupying Better Positions – Smooth | The Liberator 

By Binebai Princewill 

In one of his trending Ijaw latest music album entitled “Ekiyo Ebikeme Ebiyosua”, the South South King of high life music, Barrister Soja Smooth stated that the devil has vowed not to see good men occupying better political positions in life except for some few annointed ones in the Nigerian State. 

In this soul touching song, King Smooth made references to current circumstances in life, using his own personal experiences, stressing that  if such was not the case, with his struggles in life and the constant agitation for a better Ijaw nation, Niger Delta and Nigeria at large, he would have occupied some of these juicy positions but insisted that because he is a good man, none of such positions has been given to him.

Barrister Smooth, popularly known as the born singer cum paddle of Niger Delta begins the song with appreciation of prominent Ijaw sons that assisted him and his music organization during the nationwide lockdown occasioned by the novel coronavirus. He particularly prayed for them to succeed in life. 

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Midway into the music, Smooth said the devil is hoovering around the earth and there seems to be an agreement that the good will not get good things.

Using himself as a case study, he said he has been to Abuja in search of a greener pasture but because of his goodness, neither a local government chairman, nor state house of assembly or any juicy position was given to him despite his struggles. 

Little wonder why Smooth could sound so philosophically deep  in this song, there are some music pundits that have analysed the song from every line and lyrics but inferred that the song could be largely connected to Chief David Lyon and all the political wonders that engulfed the last Bayelsa  governorship election. 

The concluding part of the song was a call to the children of Zion to pray for him and the society in order to change the ugly narratives that good men hardly attain good positions to allay the fears of our people.

The song is in the market now, getting a copy to grasp the full gist will be nice as the music is fully loaded with great message. 

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