​Warri North: King Smooth Tells Okowa To Correct Age Long Political Error In Egbema Kingdom 

By Binebai Princewill 

Reigning South South Highlife music King, Barrister S. Smooth, popularly known as the paddle of Niger Delta have called on His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa to correct what he described as the age long political error in Egbema Kingdom, Warri North Local Government Area of the state. The Liberator Newspapers can report. 

The living music legend made his position known via one of his currently trending music album titled “Egbema Part II”.

Smooth had in the album called on the Warri North political actors and Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to leave behind positive history for himself by ensuring that sons and daughters of Egbema Kingdom in Warri North Local Government Area be appointed to juicy positions and be elected into various offices in the forthcoming political dispensation. 

The prophetic musician particularly shed tears musically by bemoaning the state of things bedeviling the Egbema Kingdom in Warri North, his maternal kingdom. 

He noted that Egbema as an oil producing Kingdom has four wards out of  the ten (10) federal wards constituting Warri North Local Government Area, stressing that it is a local government exclusively occupied and owned  by some Itsekiris and the people of Egbema Kingdom. 

He had wondered that despite their economic viability and political contributions in the coffers of Nigeria and Delta State, they have been subjugated, relegated, subdued, alienated and denied from  occupying any major elective position since creation of the Local Government Area in Delta State. 

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Barrister Smooth stated that the political indices so far has never been favourable to the Egbema people as his people have been considered as a conquered people politically in the Local Government Area. 

Smooth continued that the people have not occupied the position of being Chairman of the Local Government Area, nor have they been considered with the position of the House of Assembly slot neither other juicy positions from the Local Government not to talk of the House of representatives, this according to the music sage has been ongoing since the creation of the Local Government. 

While bemoaning the state of things in the Local Government, Smooth had called on prominent sons and daughters of Egbema Kingdom to quickly come together in unity to speak one voice in order to claim what rightfully belong to them.

Singer Smooth while calling on the Lord Almighty to fight for Egbema people noted that his people needs political freedom as he said time for such freedom is now. 

Speaking on the task of leadership, King Barrister Smooth stated that Egbema Kingdom is in search of a true leader like the biblical Moses to lead them to the promised land, adding that all Ijaws in Delta and beyond must not keep quiet in the sustained age long political slavery of the Egbema people. 

Smooth is of the opinion that ahead of the next political dispensation, he noted that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and other political actors in the state must begin to look for a way to pacify the Egbema people politically with either allowing them to produce the Local Government Council Chairman, Or House of Assembly member, Commissioner or a reasonable appointment, stressing that such iron fisted political manipulation must not be allowed to continue. 

He called on prominent Egbema indigenes to work hard in ensuring that they achieve political freedom from the age long political subjugation. 

Beyond political offices, Barrister Smooth decried the level of underdevelopment that seems to be making a permanent dwelling in Egbema Kingdom, agitating that roads should be constructed to Egbema Kingdom and all basic necessities in life be given to the people. 

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