​Warri South West Councillorship: Ogbe-Ijoh Calls For Equal Representation In Diebiri Ward 

Ndu Samuel, Asaba

A group under the aegis of Concerned People of the six Ogbe-Ijoh units in Diebiri ward, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State have called on political authorities in the area to balance the political ratio with equal representation. 

The group noted that out of the total political units constituting the Diebiri ward, Ogbe-Ijoh have six units while Diebiri has two, adding that right from the creation of the ward, the Ogbe-Ijoh axis that are the majority is yet to produce councillor of the ward, maintaining that such scenario must change now. 

The group had also accused Ogbe- Ijoh political leaders of not defending the Ogbe-Ijoh agenda, adding that such action must stop now.
The group made their position known to newsmen earlier today in Warri via a statement signed by Apostle Anegba Joseph, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers. 

Anegba had in the statement particularly called on Chief Favour Izoukumor, Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ) in Warri South West Local Area to correct what they described as an age long political subjugation. 
The statement reads in full below below:


_ _ _ By concerned people of Ogbe-ijoh in Diebiri ward _ _ _

For how long we the six Ogbe-ijoh unit is expected to vote for the two Diebiri unit in Diebiri ward

For your information it’s no longer News but reality that the Diebiri ward is been used by the Diebiris, all political benefits for the ward is occupied by the Diebiris leaving the rest of the six Ogbe-ijoh Units with nothing not even an atom of hope. 

*Below are few of the positions the Diebiris have been occupying even at this moment right from onset :*

1. SSA,

2. SA, 

3. Councillor, 

4. water ways and

5.board members in delta state are all been occupied by the Diebiri people. Our silence on this is the major reason why they are been taken us for modern day slavery.

If modern slavery is better than getting a position then why is the leadership aspiring to be in better position and expected their followers to choose slavery in place of positions in this modern life.

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Who really do us this thing.?

Why do you want we the six unit to vote for someone who have two units all the time and then expect it to  continue the same way not even considering the trauma for once right from onset.

Previous tenure they will say this tenure, this tenure they will say next tenure so what is really wrong with our leadership system?, are we born to be followers but Struggling to be? 

You can imagine the level of black slavery that after taking the councilor position then they now go ahead and collect all the appointment meant for the ward right from LGA to State level, e.g SA, CDC and Waterway Security etc.

For how long are we going to continue with this, if many years of deprivation, born to rule and I have it all is not enough now, then when is the time, please the leaders should come out and address us properly because we are human with blood and water flowing through us, enough is enough , as you think of your self so also think for others, the rules of life is that you consider for me then I can consider for you.

We stand to totally condemn this act and we say a very big no to imposition of candidates in all aspect, it’s the turn of Ogbe-ijoh unit in Diebiri ward so let it be clearly written across the sky like the beautiful colours of rainbow. 

We are looking forward to a better change, We need the Diebiri councillorship position, it’s our turn and our right , the time for Ogbe-ijoh unit in Diebiri ward is now.

Remember every human have the right to his or her opinion and if the political leadership cannot take the right decision for us as followers then we will be left with no option than to take a favourable decision for our self at the detriment of not considering what will in turn happen to the political system because you people have been treating us like a slave for long and have totally failed us. 

Faithfulness to the political system doesn’t mean foolishness, We can as well decide to take it to all social media platforms in the world and news papers cuz no body can imprison our mind So expect our reactions If the decision of the leadership does not meet our expectations.



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