​What Nigerians Needs To Know About This Great Multipurpose Facility In Warri 

My Prayers For The Man  Behind This

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By Binebai Princewill 
Despite my busy schedules, I will always creat time to acknowledge people that are doing well in their various endeavours. 
Posterity will not judge me well if I fail to commend the man behind this beautiful multipurpose facility in Warri, Delta State for purely relaxation and commercial purposes 
The multipurpose facility I am talking about today is located at Niger Cat junction, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State, the facility is still under construction but it is almost 90% completed. 
Some of us grew up to the shocking realization that whenever well to do people want a better relaxation either weekends, brief holidays or vacations, Lagos,  Abuja and Calabar always tops the list. There are times countless people flew abroad just to cash fun.
Enemies of the Niger Delta region have ceaselessly maligned the region as volatile and not good enough for investment, the situation becomes even worse with  oil companies siting  their headquarters to Non Oil Producing States while the region for which the oil is coming from is been cruelly and recklesslessly abandoned to the ruins. 
Today  I am particularly happy to the fact that apart from our own son breaking the yoke by putting up such a huge investment in the oil city of Warri to prove people wrong, my happiness knows no bounds as the facility is owned by an Ijaw man from Bayelsa State. 
The facility when completed will be the best in the whole of Niger Delta region for relaxation and what have you, in this case people may not necessarily travel that far as it use to be before enjoying oneself. This facility can compete  with any other in Nigeria and even beyond. 
The multipurpose facility has an underground club, presidential standard apartments for lodging, swimming pool at the last floor of the mansion with bar close to it, a wonderfully arranged eatery at the second floor of the facility, shopping maul, another massive bar separately built but inside same compound.
In essence, when you enter this facility, all you would need for a worthwhile relaxation is right inside there. You don’t need to go out to look for other things to buy or cash fun. 
Swimming pool,  underground club, top bar, eatery, shopping maul, executive rooms for lodging and what have you all in one facility and this said facility is in Warri. Surprisingly when myself and my wonderful brothers and friends got there, the humble and intelligent owner of this facility took us round the castle explaining the various segments in the facility. 
More interesting is the fact that all the interior works have been completed and the furnitures have all been imported into the facility already.
My Prayer for him is that God shall continue to give him the needed financial muscles to complete this wonderful facility in Warri and may he also rapidly gain from it after completion. 
The Government of our state must also continue to give him the security coverage by way of encouraging him and others for more investment to come to our dear state. 
He is a man that is thinking beyond oil, his investment will stand the test of time even when the oil runs dry or there are new technological advancement in the World. My respect for him will continue to grow. 
A word with him revealed that by the grace of God, the facility  will be completed and opened fully for business on or before December 2020.
Thanks once  again for your encouragements to The Liberator Newspaper Worldwide. We deeply appreciate sir. 
Congratulations Sir.

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