2019: Trouble as militant group accuses Amb Aken of deceit, vows revenge

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A militant group operating under the auspices of Coastal Communities Water Force, CCWF in the creeks of Niger Delta has called on Amb. Edwin Aken to toe the path of peace by honouring agreement reached between him and the group prior to the election of Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa or risk revenge.
The group made the call in a strongly worded release titled ” Amb. Edwin Aken a.k.a Okowa Tubor ; A tool to deceive youths of the creek by Okowa to ensure bloc votes from the creek ” issued by its spokesperson Mr. Toruotubo and made available to newsmen, a copy of which was sent to the Liberator Newspaper.
They accused Aken of gross deceit and betrayal, alleging that he was the instrument Gov. Okowa used to cajole the youths into working by all means for his re election but only turned his back at them after victory.
They noted that they were deceived into working against other political parties especially the All Progressives Congress (APC) by making sacrifices that brought victory for Okowa, saying that both the Governor and party leaders in the riverine areas have no idea of what they did behind the scene that brought about peaceful governorship election in the creeks.
While stressing that the pact they had with him made them loose so many relationships and other benefits they would have derived. They promised to avenge his alleged deceit.
”Amb. Aken should know that his deceit has made us loose good relationships and benefits just because we choose to favour his cause. We make bold to say that we will make sure that he pay double of our loses and pains.”
”He shouldn’t forget in hurry that we have video clips as it concerns him and his promises to us on behalf of his political father the governor. Aken has cross the red line and we won’t be responsible for whatever unveils from today.”
The angry militants said ” Old politicians done deceive us tire, small one self wan do him part?”. Aken must be reminded that we are not the kind of weaklings that will be used and dumped by regular politicians after working very hard, we will make history with him for other politicians to learn while politicking ”

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