IYC: Pukon Picks Nomination Form, Vows To Confront Ijaw Darkest Challenges If Elected – The Liberator 


By Binebai Princewill

A leading secretary general aspirant of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC Worldwide, Rt. Hon. Frank Pukon has vowed that if elected, he will work together with his executive members and Ijaw youths to confront the darkest challenges bedeviling the Ijaw nation in the Nigerian State.

The aspirant, Hon. Pukon made the vow on Wednesday 11th of March 2020 shortly after picking his nomination form for the secretary general position at Teebilous Hotel in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State during a media chat with The Liberator Newspaper.

Some of the darkest challenges bedeviling the Ijaw nation according to Pukon ranges from balkernization, constitutional impediments, a critical look into Niger Delta intervention agencies, renegotiation of the Nigerian federation to properly accommodate the views of minorities as well as other issues confronting the Ijaws.

Pukon assured the Ijaw nation that the rampant bombardment of Ijaw villages must be put to stop, this, Pukon noted that will be carried out by globalizing the alleged many iniquities carried out by the military against the Ijaws.

Speaking on unity, Pukon had urged all Ijaws to be united, stressing that it is only unity that can make Ijaws achieve whatever they want in the Nigerian union.

In his words: “If many years of this union, this is where we still are, same things confronting us while we were born are same things we are still facing as a people. This only means that we have not progressed as a people and we are not moving forward.

“We must use our intellectual capacities to agitate for what is duely ours, this is the time for us to unite and demand for what is due us in this country, we cannot continue like this.

“It is unacceptable for us to be feeding the nation and be living in abject poverty and unprecedented hardship, we must as a people manoeuvre our way out of this our quagmire ”

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