BigDan Releases Birthday Message, Says His Wish Is To See A Truely United Ogulagha Kingdom – The Liberator 

By Binebai Princewill

Secretary general of Ogulagha community, traditional headquarters of Ogulagha Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, Mr. Daniel Sunday, popularly known as BigDan has stated that his wish is to see a truely united Ogulagha kingdom.
The entertainment don made the disclosure to The Liberator Newspaper earlier today while celebrating his birth anniversary.
According to him, the unity of all sons and daughters of Ogulagha Kingdom is paramount as a divided house cannot stand.
BigDan maintained that Ogulagha, one of the richest kingdoms in the Niger Delta region has the potential of becoming a paradise but noted that lack of unity is gravely affecting the continued growth and development of the Kingdom.
In his words: “As today marks my glowing birth anniversary, I want to firstly thank the Lord Almighty for making it possible for me to see my birthday, especially in a world filled with uncertainties. I am so grateful to him.
“I also want to thank my lovely wife for always standing by me, I am indeed so lucky to have found her as my life partner.
“Most importantly, today being my birthday, I really wish to see a united Ogulagha kingdom where we will all see ourselves as one big family. There is really no need for us to have issues so deep that it will now act as a cog on our collective progress
“There is hardly any kingdom or place without issue, but what matters is to have the spirit of forgiveness and forge ahead as one family for our collective growth and development as a kingdom.
“We stand to gain more if we are united than when we are not united “. BigDan Stated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Daniel Sunday asserted that the Ogulagha kingdom of his dream is one with egalitarianism where everyone will be treated equally, a kingdom where there is going to be respect for constituted authorities and one where there will be no deep and hard feelings among its indigenes where love and unity will reign freelly.

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