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By Binebai Princewill

17 years has gone bye since the painful demise of one of Niger Delta finest grassroot politician, philanthropist cum voice to the voiceless, late Rt. Hon. Arerebo GoodGod Salaco, one of the then pillars of Ayakoromo in Ngbilebiri kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

Hon. Salaco, former leader of the Burutu Legislative Arm, a core traditionalist and a man with a burning desire to free humanity from the bondage of iron fisted manipulation foised on his people.

The story of Hon. Arerebo GoodGod Salaco of Ayakoromo will remain a shining example of good leadership in the Burutu Local Government politics, he makes things happen even in a situation where nothing seem to be happening or working. He is a problem solver.

He is a man with many positive colours, he was an ardent advocate of good governance, a tested and trusted politician, a strategist, a core traditionalist and a man that will always fight to see the end whenever he embarked on any journey.

So many who had a contact with him while he was alive have so much to say about the rare human specie that once existed in our local government area.

His life was cut short following his tragic death on a fatal road accident on the 29th of March 2002, he may have died but his legacies are yet to be surpassed by anyone during his time, his records will be very difficult to beat among people in Ayakoromo and beyond.

The people of Ayakoromo and Indeed Burutu Local Government Area in general will never forget the painful demise of Hon. Salaco, he was such a good man to anyone that comes in contact with him.

Olorogun festival, regarded as one of the most celebrated festival in Ijaw land by the Ayakoromo people will be largely incomplete without the impute and mentioning of late Salaco.

Read comments below as Niger Deltans reacts and describes him as a true hero.

Super Comrd Joseph Evah writes from Lagos

The Ijaw gifted orator and strategist, Hon. Seigha Manijar testimony is very clear…The untimely death of late Salaco robbed Ijaw nation at large of a charismatic political icon and grassroot leader..

Continue to rest in peace. Pride of Ijaw nation and the Great Arerebo Dynasty.


Salaco belong to our generation, perhaps a year or three older. I thought it was yesterday, surprise to note that it is now 17yrs ago. That is what impact means. He was always a group leader and always innovative.

A Christmas /Olorogun masquerade Festival without Salaco at home is a huge challenge. He was the INITIATOR /FOUNDER OF THE AYAKOROMO RADIO HOUSE in anticipation of the yearly festivals.

When the news came to Ayakoromo that Salaco had transited, there was panic, fear, cold and the not true spirit everywhere. Three of us went through Okwagbe town to the spot where the devil performed the accident and the particular pothole that created the confusion leading to fatality.

As a newly elected Local Government Councillor, Salaco sought support from close friends that he wants to share money to the households in Ayakoromo town for voting him in, probably his first salary and few allowances and bonuses. We laughed at him and even discouraged him. But, before long he had discreetly done so. Bought pepper, salt and other items for some. Prepare chicken pepper soup and Ijaw native Okodo with fresh fish and yam for us the friends. Only two days later the Councilor is broke and have to dash back to Burutu.

The peoples’ man. That is the Salaco we missed.


Dear Father,

It is now 17years since you suddenly and without Pre-notification left us. You caught all your children off guard.

In honor of 17years in memory, I would like to celebrate you as an intelligent, devoted, magnificent and humility personified great father and a true friend.

Dad, I love you for an infinite number of reasons. I feel so blessed to have you as my father and I’m thankful for the wonderful life you have given me despite your sudden demise.

Thank you Dad for showing me how to become a great man, an extraordinary leader, an outstanding father and the importance of humility and the remarkable power of emotional and financial generosity.

In spite of your everlasting physical absence I’m more confident, resilient, and kinder being. And that is what I know you would be proud of but It devastates me that you are not alive to see me doing well after all the work you did to help me grow.

Your sudden demise has indeed caused a lot of damages in your family, a family you help to build. In the year 2016 we lost your 2nd son, Arerebo Dennis Salaco and November 1st 2018 we lost your 3rd son, Arerebo Best Salaco, May be if you were alive your fatherly love bond might rescue them. Well we leave everything for God as he remains “Unquestionable God”.

The good thing is that I am doing well, a graduate of Bsc Marine Engineering, and your first fruit (Son), Engr. Arerebo Elvis Bulouabowei Salaco Snr is also doing very well, he is the immediate past Ayakoromo community chairman, Sir Terry Salaco Arerebo is also now a graduate, your lovely daughter, Daddy is a trained Nurse, Sist Patricia, Mst. Bozimor and the rest are also making you proud.

Dad, you are our hero. A hero we never had before and a hero we will never have.I hope your soul will continue to rest in peace because all your beloved ones are absolutely fine here and we are not sad talking about you anymore. We are happy. We are more than happy. You are our good memory. You are our happy memory.

Take care the America Life, Obozorozor!!!

Yours Lovely 6th Child

Amb Yerinmene Snr Salaco

Dr. Doubra Okotete Collins Wrote

My personal encounter with him was very educative as I was opportuned to had some ( science) lectures with him.

Also, privileged to be trusted by him..hence, I was in charge of all the cements himself and other councillors used then to build market houses that was awarded to them by the then Chairman Chief Dr Braduce A. Angozi…

A very intelligent, smart and grassroots oriented being…Does not discriminate hence, was loved by all.

So close to my dad & mum..

Rest well Sir.

Sir Paul Kurugbe Writes From Asaba

American life,difficult to let go.Esena-ebe college Bomadi just send a delegation to fetch u for a football tournament. Where are u?Well such is life. Rest on our Hero.

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