Coronavirus death toll hits 196 in African countries – The Liberator


The death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic in African countries has reached 196 as confirmed cases surpassed 5,786, the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) revealed on Wednesday.

The Africa CDC, a specialised agency of the 55-member AU, in its latest situation update issued on Wednesday, said the cases were spread across 49 African countries.

The agency also disclosed that the highly COVID-19 affected countries included South Africa with 1,353 confirmed cases, Algeria with 716 confirmed cases and Egypt with 710 confirmed cases.

The Africa CDC also disclosed that some 412 people who were infected with the COVID-19 had recovered across the continent as of the stated period.

It said that more than 530 new confirmed COVID-19 cases had been reported across the continent since the centre’s recent report on Tuesday.

The death toll increased from 172 to 196 as of the stated period, according to the Africa CDC.

The AU, through Africa CDC, has already activated its Emergency Operations Centre and its Incident Management System (IMS) for the COVID-19 outbreak on Jan. 27.

The Africa CDC had also developed its third Incident Action Plan that covers the period from March 16 to April 15.

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