Izanzan Camp Hails Aketekpe For Rewarding Simeone With A Chieftaincy Title – The Liberator


Says Simeone’s chieftaincy title is worthy of celebration across Ijaw nation

By Binebai Princewill

A pro Niger Delta group, operating under the auspices of Izanzan Intellectual Camp, otherwise known as IIA has hailed the paramount ruler of Gbaramatu Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oboro Gbaraun II, Aketekpe, Agadagba, Pere of Gbaramatu Kingdom for honouring Hon. Simeone Bebenimibo with a chieftaincy title as the Possi Tare-owei (Lover of Youths) of Gbaramatu Kingdom in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State.

The congratulatory message was issued to newsmen in Warri earlier today by the national coordinator of the Izanzan Intellectual Camp, IIA, signed and circulated by Amb. Salaco Yerinmene, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper.

The group had particularly described the conferment of chieftaincy title on Chief Hon. Simeone Bebenimibo as an act worthy of celebration, stressing that the philanthropic gestures of Chief Hon. Simeone Bebenimibo across the Niger Delta region will continue to speak good for him.

Amb. Salaco further described Chief Simeone as a worthy son of Ijaw nation, adding that the revered paramount ruler of Gbaramatu has done well to enlist Bebenimibo to be among the brand new chiefs of Gbaramatu Kingdom.

Speaking further, IIA had charged chief Bebenimibo to see his conferment of chieftaincy title as a call to duty, adding that he should maintain his impeccable track record that has been wonderful and clean over the years.

“With an immeasurable joy in our hearts, we want to salute the Pere of Gbaramatu Kingdom, His Imperial Majesty, Oboro-Gbaraun II (Aketekpe, Agadagba) for the conferment of an illustrious son of Ijaw Nation, Hon. Simeon Bebenimibo as the Possi Tare-owei (Lover of Youths) of Gbaramatu Kingdom, a very laudable chieftaincy title.

“We members of IzanzanCamp are not amazed of the decision of the Agadagba because the humanitarian and sacrificial services of Hon. Simeon Bebenimibo to humanity and societal growth during and after the Niger Delta Arm struggle are certainly indisputable and above all the love he has for youths cannot be reemphasize.

“We are gladly congratulating Hon. Simeon Bebenimibo and extending our esteem greetings to the Pere of gbaramatu Kingdom because of their overwhelming assistance they are always entrusting to the society and the love they have for the youths and Ijaw Nation at large.

“Even as he is confirmed as renowned chief in the contemporary Ijaw Nation precisely Gbaramatu Kingdom, we implore him, Hon. Simeon not for any reason relent in supporting youths as we still have more rivers to cross in the Nigeria oppressive state.

“Undoubtedly, we trust that the recipient, Hon. Simeon will never be oppressive with the chieftaincy title rather he will continue to maintain his humble dignity and nature and will always promote and support the Ijaw cause.

“Once again we say a big thank you to the Pere of Gbaramatu Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Williams Naira Ogoba, Oboro 11, for finding one of our very humble elite worthy for the very laudable chieftainship title as we wish Hon. Bebenimibo greater height.” The press statement asserted.

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