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The way the audio and video clips have been trending, not a few have concluded that they are precursors to apocalypse or Armageddon. Put differently, they are to herald the coming of the Anti-Christ!

In the video and audio clips, it is argued that 5G radio frequencies “are harmful and are the causes of coronavirus.” They went further that certain world powers linked to a particular secret organisation, the Illuminati, will soon implant microchips (with mark of 666) under people’s skins, through which they would be monitored.

Below are submissions of three professors of radiation physics in UI, copied from Science Faculty platform to debunk the narratives in the trending audio on 5G:

Dr O. I. Popoola

The man who made this audio message can be likened to someone who is interpreting a strange language he has never studied. He does not know what he’s saying.

In a simple language, the so called 5G (fifth generation) is a transmission at far higher frequency range than 4G. This feature implies transmission of greater quantum of energy (signal) per time, hence heavy data (such as images) will download faster and will be transmitted at higher resolution. Meanwhile this may require more booster antennas at closer ranges in order to travel very far because high frequency signals get attenuated faster than low frequency signals. In short 5G will be able to accommodate larger data than 4G.

Generally, people have always displayed some fear each time a new technology arose. The fear attributed to mobile technology is that the signals (waves) are injurious to humans. Meanwhile all mobile signals most fall within microwaves (extreme end of radio waves) which are non ionizing radiations. Ionizing radiations like x-rays and gamma rays have far higher frequencies and exposure to human body may be injurious. However are not used for mobile telecommunication.

The man’s use of the word ‘radioactive’ reveals that he is completely ignorant of what he claims to be explaining. The word Radioactive is from Radioactivity which is a completely different phenomenon from radio wave. Technology is more than speculation. It is a product of basic scientific theories.

Prof N.N Jibri

I really don’t understand over stretching of a simple scientific matter. Simple basic physics which our Prof. Farai has laid to rest for us as a guru in Radiation business. Use E = hf from modern Physics and the frequencies or the wavelengths of the regions for the G’s what amount of energy do you arrive at. Just like Prof. Farai said, mixing up non-ionizing radiation source to be Radioactive is a simple QED ignoramus!!

Prof Farai

I hope we will all understand the nonsense in this video from this simple explanation. Communication networks of whatever G, for now and in the near future, are generally in frequencies of the order of Giga Hertz (GHz or 10⁹ Hz). Thank God the video revealed this much. Meanwhile, the bulk of energy from the sun (solar radiation) is in the UV frequency range (i.e.10¹⁵ Hz). Now I ask, how can mankind, who has been bathing under the shower of UV radiation from the sun over the ages, now be under any threat of a radiation of energy over 1 million times less energy than UV radiation? That is one point.

Most importantly for us on this platform, there is no application of a technology that is not under any regulatory control by international bodies made up experts from all parts of globe. Most of us have one thing or the other to do with such bodies as WHO, ICNIRC, UNSCEAR, etc. If they are unaware of the fears expressed in this video or have been compromised, then we are all guilty. We should stop attending their programs.

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