Coronavirus: Princewill Highlights Fears About Lockdown In Delta – The Liberator


Ndu Samuel

A Niger Delta Human Rights Activist, Amb. Comr. Binebai Yerin Princewill has expressed his fears about the 14 days stay at home lockdown in Delta State.

The young activist noted that while Deltans are observing the lockdown in each parts of the state, he has feelers from the borders that through some crucket means, people are still entering the state from the supposedly closed borders while security agencies watch in akinbo.

He noted that if people could be entering the state massively through the clossed borders “It means that the very essence of the 14 days lockdown has been defeated.” He said.

Amb. Binebai wondered what become of the state when those assigned with the border closure seem to have compromised by allowing people to enter into the state without enforcing the order.

Princewill alleged that closure of the Delta State borders is more important than anything else in the state, he asked “What if those who had sneaked into our state through the borders before the very eyes of security agents have sneaked in with the virus, who will be held responsible for it?. Yerin wondered.

“We must be very careful as a people, only one mistake may just spoil everything both the government and citizens are doing to ensure that Delta State does not record any case of the virus until the disease will fade away.

“It is my prayer that God should arrest and kill this dreadful disease across the country before the expiration of the lockdown all over the country” . Yerin stated.

He regreted that it was the security agents that claimed champion in Warri while enforcing the stay at home order which resulted to the death of a promising Niger Deltan, Mr. Joseph Pessu.

Security agencies and even the government must not be looking at one way only without looking at other more important areas like the total closure of the borders.

Using Bayelsa State as a reference point, Princewill said it is only borders that are closed as citizens goes about their normal duties except large gatherings.

“My opinion is that the security agents must claim champion in our borders by not allowing any pin to enter into our state through the borders”.

However, Binebai maintained that he is totally in agreement with the 14 days stay at home lockdown in the state just as he enjoined Deltans to continue to obey the directives of the government.

Speaking further, he had called on the Delta State Government to live up to the expectations of Deltans by rolling out palliative measures to cushion the effect as it is not easy for the masses to cope at this period without the government doing anything about it.

“It is not enough to only give directives to the mssses, the Government must take responsibility in providing for citizens of our state, this is the right time to meet the people at their needs.

“It is very strange that up till now, the Delta State Government has not even shared food items nor preventive materials to citizens of the state, this is really bad “. Princewill asserted.

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