Matthew Ashimolowo: 5G has nothing to do with coronavirus – The Liberator


There are too many theories, too many fake video and too many fake news out there- 5Gs this, 5Gs that. Please, stay out of those theories. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Do not be afraid. Do not say, “My Lord, this is the anti-Christ!”

Yes, there may be things that are pointers to the last days, but we should not think that with everything happening around us, then the anti-Christ wants to take over our lives. Every time there has been a major shock to the world, the Church has often thought, this must be the anti-Christ.

One time, there was Napoleon Bonaparte of France. He began to conquer the whole of Europe, then churches began to teach that the anti-Christ had risen! To them, Napoleon Bonaparte was the anti-Christ. Then he died. There was Benito Musolini of Italy. The Church said, yes, definitely, Rome, the Seventh Empire! Musolini died. Adolf Hitler rose and the Church said definitely, by the way the guy was going, he was the anti-Christ.

Please, I am not a scientist, I am a Pastor. But all these 5Gs (conspiracy) theories are not biblical. It is not practical. There is a virus out there, killing people. Stay locked down. Don’t think it is 5G that is killing. How come it got to my village where there is no 5G? There is a sickness out there killing people; that is why I am disappointed at Pastors who have hastily shown graphs that some people want to take over the world by putting some chips in people’s bodies. Though the anti-Christ will come and play many tricks, this is not it. This is a pandemic. Jesus spoke about it in Matthew 24:8. This is a disease. It does not make any sense.

Carry the dettol in your bathroom and you will see coronavirus written on it. There has been coronavirus before now, it is just that this particular strain or whatever they call it in science has mutated into what we don’t have a cure for. And that is what man is looking for cure for. America will not destroy its economy to the tune of almost $20 trillion in order to put microchips in your body! Britain will not destroy its economy of two to three trillion pounds in order to put chips in your body. No!

I am ashamed and embarrassed by the action of some Pastors who are ill informed, partly informed. They took videos, patched them together to mislead the Body of Christ. It has to stop.

God will expose the anti-Christ when the time comes. Don’t let us put people in fear. This is a disease killing people and we as Christians will come out to testify. Use it as an opportunity to witness to your friends who have been cursing God and laughing at Jesus. Evangelise the Word; let us populate the Kingdom of God, instead of carrying a foolish theory.

Stay locked down. Lock down is biblical. Stay alive. We will be in church, doing thanksgiving when this thing is over. May God keep you.

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