Rep Pondi Releases Heart Touching Birthday Message On Tompolo @49 – The Liberator 

By Binebai Princewill
As birthday encomiums continue to trail the birth anniversary of High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, popularly known as Tompolo, the member representing Burutu Federal Constituency in the federal house of representatives, Hon. Julius Pondi has released a soul touching birthday message about the man Tompolo.
The shining Burutu Federal Lawmaker published the powerful birthday message on his timeline on Facebook earlier today, a copy of which was obtained by The Liberator Newspaper.
The federal lawmaker, speaking among series of issues maintained that Tompolo have passed through lots of ordeals, ranging from internal betrayals, political witchunt, military brutality and have sacrificed even his personal happiness for the emancipation of the entire Niger Delta region.
The article reads in full below:

* Given birth to in a village that is the most remote in Gbaramatu today

* ailment and continuous attack to take his life as a young boy force him to quite school, mostly as his crisis and attact occurs only when he is to take his promotional exams

* fear of loosing his eldest son at the time force the father to withdrew him from school

* just like Mandela of South Africa whom never traveled outside South Africa before he led the struggle to liberate his people, Tompolo never left our shores before, during and still.

* suffered betrayal from the closest people he trusted and put food on their table

* betrayed by his kinsmen who he has made to be counted among men
*betrayed by friends he assisted into Government

* attacked by the sophistication of Nigeria military

* Sacrifice every luxury of life, and went into the trenches of the Niger/ Delta for emancipation of his people

* given amnesty to stop the arm struggle. When everyone was signing their amnesty forms, he handed government the Niger/ delta demands for a better region

* today graduates of international certification and home litters all around our region for his sake

* while others are freely enjoying the unconditional amnesty, he must not be allowed to enjoy it.

* back to the trenches for selling his own property to government for which government reserves the right to buy or not buy

* how can we described such a human?

Many birth anniversaries has come and gone, this one is unique, not because it happens in a time the whole world is humbled by the no nonsense Coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging whoever regardless of status and position. It’s unique because it coincided with the day our lord Jesus Christ risen and ascended to heaven.

May the ascension of our Lord to heaven today take away the evil eyes from this genius of a gift to our nation and region.

May the Almighty preserve you, touches the mind of your traducers that you are in fact the antidote and not the problem of Nigeria.

I congratulate you today as your Birthday resonates the globe.

High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo



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