Adaka wants Ex-agitators to speak in one voice for Tompolo’s freedom – The Liberator 

Addresses other burning issues bedeviling the Ijaw nation
By Ndu Samuel

One of the leading advocate of total emancipation of the Niger Delta region Comrade Christopher Adaka has called for unity and coperation among leaders of Ex-agitators in the region to engender sustainable development of the oil rich area and a unanimous voice for the freedom of Tompolo.

Adaka who is also known in the struggle arena as “son of the soil” maintained that there is need for the leaders to close ranks and work together to form a formidable Force as that is the only way they can be taken serious by the Federal Government.
He noted that disunity and and rancour among the leaders will only spell doom for both the ex agitators and the entire Niger Delta region, saying that a house divided among itself cannot stand.
According to him, the large number of persons that participated in celebrating the great freedom fighter, High Chief Oweizide, Government Epkemupolo a.k.a. TOMPOLO signified strenght and unity which he said must be sustained if the struggle for survival and sustainability of the people and resources of the area must be achieved.
He urged all ex agitators leaders to “put aside their individual differences and demand a stop to the conspiracy of lies and witchhunting of TOMPOLO the greatest Emancipator of the Niger-Delta People.”
While chiding the Federal government for being unfair to the region, he said “Exgitators chairmen in different phases should call for an emergency meeting in other to put a stop to this great oppression and intimidation by the Buhari Led Government, in connivance with some questionable characters in the Niger-Delta Region whose trade is to spread lies, betray and blackmail illustrious Niger-Deltans in other to get their stomach filled’
He tegretted the continuous delay in appointing a substantive coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme and the blantant refusal of the government to appoint a coordinator from among the very qualified ex agitators
“How would galant warlords who are respected globally, yet they are not given the opportunity to become the Coordinator of a program which was created for them by a collective agitation via sweat and blood: or better still why can’t the Warlords come together and pick a stunt supporter or someone from the struggle who understands the people right from the creeks days to be coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme? He queried
In his opinion, “appointing a product of the struggle will enhance performance and efficient service delivery because the product of the struggle will use his wealth of experience to redefine, reposition and implement agreements and programs as pened down to the latter in other to achieve the main goals that birthed the Amnesty program haven dealth directly with agitators during the creek days.
“If we continue to have a divided house, and fail to speak out in one voice we will continue to be slaves in the hands of our oppressors.” He warned.
He called on the Federal government to appoint a substantive Coordinator who must be a product of the struggle in the shortest posible time saying that “amnesty is not a civil service or political party affairs, but an initiative created via collective agitation through sweat and blood.
“labourer deserves his wages thus the next Coordinator must be either a product of the struggle or a known supporter of the struggle.” He reiterate

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