Oml 30: Group Tasks FG To Terminate Licence Of OMSL Over Inimical Operations

…Describes Warri multi stakeholders group as non existent

By Binebai Princewill

A group operating under the aegis of Concerned Transforcados Pipeline Stakeholders Forum in OML 30, Delta State have tasked the Federal Government of Nigeria to terminate the licence given to Ocean Marine Solutions Limited (OMSL) to operate in the area.

The Concerned Transforcados Stakeholders Forum OML 30 had particularly described the OMSL as the worst company that has ever operated in the area, stressing that they have over time completely disregarded host communities and her contractors.

This was contained in a statement signed and circulated to newsmen in Warri earlier today by Chief Ebiwei Oweikene, Spokesman of the group, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide.

The statement also informed members of the general public to completely disregard the purported group called Warri multi stakeholders as non existent, adding that members of the general public should be wary of the proponents of the group.

However, Chief Ebiwei Oweikene, spokesman of the group noted that whenever host communities and her contractors tries to demand for their rights and privileges, OMSL will always use security agents to suppress their legitimate demands.

The statement reads below:

Concerned Transforcados Stakeholders Forum OML 30.

That the Purported Warri multi stakeholders is not known to Communities in Transforcados pipeline. Besides, Transforcados pipeline is not in Oml 40 but oml 30 that Omsl is the worst thing that has happened to the Communities in Oml 30 because they refused securing FTO’s with Communities nor Pay the few they are able to secure and not even their Contractors.Taking Contracts that are meant for Community Contractors with utumost disregard for Communities and traditional Rulers,OMSL always use the securities to intimidate the transforcados Communities hence FG should terminate their Contract with immediate Effect. That the so called group is a non existent group paid to promote the Illegal activities of Omsl.

There has never been a time stakeholders in Oml 30 met to agree and form the Purported Warri multi stakeholders, it is purely an imagination of the author.

Chief Ebiwei Oweikene.


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