The arrest of Farah Dagogo is raising so many dust and we advise all structures of Ijaw nation to attack the culprit of this disgrace from the very source.

The Ijaw people are known for the ebullient drive to stand by the truth always without fear or favour.

This is the position of the Ijaw Front Line Crusaders, IFC, the group spoke through their image bearer Comrade Ekisa Binaebi noting that the recent piece from our queen mother Ann -Kio Briggs is void of attacking Wike because he would expose her to the world for betraying Ijaw governorship agenda of 2015 and 2019 .

The group noted that they are wondering why Ann-Kio Briggs is not calling on Governor Wike of Rivers state to stop witch hunting an Ijaw man who is vying to be the next governor of Rivers state if Farah is clean of the same betrayal of Ijaw governorship agenda.
It is because she has been a major benefactor of his benevolence?

We can recall that in 2015 these set of persons sold out the Ijaw drive for rivers governor just for momentary satisfaction. We are aware of the roles Akio Briggs, Farah Dagogo and the likes played in betrayal for the Ijaw governor quest. The allegedly negotiated House of Assembly ticket and other side attraction to play against Dakuku Peterside and others who threw their hart in the ring for the chase. In 2019, they did the same thing including Ateke and Asari, Egberipapa, Sam Sam Jaja and Uche Secondus.

We can see clearly why they cannot attack the very source of this historic impunity and abuse of power. What are they afraid of? Could it that be that there are many cockroaches in the corkboard? These we leave for posterity to judge. You cannot betray your people without consequence the group noted.

Everyone that have betrayed the Ijaw nation have been paying one way or the order and very soon, Udenz will pay as he has done in NDDC.

The likes of Uche Secondus who gave ticket to governor Wike against his own equally eligible brothers was fought out of the PDP helm of affairs. Former Deputy governor of Rivers state Tele Ikuru who abandoned his own brother to support Wike too have gotten his fare share of the pie likewise Tammy Danagogo, Evans Bipi, Patience Goodluck Jonathan, etc.

This clearly shows that we must as Ijaw people without betrayal tendencies begin to stand for ourselves.

The well stage managed hatred for Ijaw people in Rivers state is not far fetched from the repercussions of betrayals and self selling out. We are not surprise that Despite the role Former President Goodluck Jonathan played in making governor Wike who he is today against all Ijaws who presented themselves for same service, we can see how things are playing out. We saw how supporters of Run Jonathan campaign was pursued out of Port Harcourt stadium by security agencies allegedly sent by the incumbent governor of Rivers state. Governor Wike however has been known to always fight the Ijaws that gave him all the support he needed at a time.

This is a clarion call on the Ijaw Nation to at this critical times of our political history to support ourselves and shut betrayal of our common interest.

Therefore, we must address this situation from an informed point of view rather than mere playing to the gallery.

However, the group also noted that the Ijaw National Congress which is seen as the parent body of the Ijaw nation to properly evaluate issues before delving into them. The Fourtyeight hours ultimatum given by the President of INC has been judged as flippant therefore we must not cash caution to the wind on this matter. We should not soil our hands for morsel of small provision. the group cautioned the INC that this is the second time insult is brought on the Ijaw nation by them.

The Ijaw Front line Crusaders calls on the leadership of the Ijaw Youth Council to wade into this matter as the insult brought on the Ijaw nation via these recklessness is getting too much. The group beacon on the IYC as the last resort to put to rest these very dicey and slippery situation at hand

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