Communities In Burutu Converge, Begin Move For Next Council Chairman, Recommend  Tomone

By Binebai Princewill 

As the saying goes, early to bed, early to rise, this was the situation yesterday in Burutu Community, headquarters of the Local Government Council as over 18 representatives from different communities in the Local Government converged to recommend Amb. Dr. Chief Apst. Godspopwer Tomone as the next council chairman of Burutu Local Government Area come 2024.

In the press briefing organised by the Tobu-Okun Political Front (TPF) at the Burutu Community Town Hall yesterday, President of the group, Mr. Resident Kike Moto had hinted representatives from the various communities that have keyed into the Tobu-Okun Political Front that the group has written letters and have also engaged critical stakeholders in the Local Government about the intention of the group. 

He noted that since the creation of the Local Government, the Tobu-Okun axis has not been able to produce Chairman of the Local Government despite their political and economic contributions, stressing that as a group, they have decided that the next council chairman come 2024 should be given to Oil rich Ogulagha Kingdom in the person of Amb. Dr. Godspopwer Tomone whom they described as a messiah to the people.

Presenting the press statement, Chief Preboye Lumumba, Secretary of the Tobu-Okun Political Front had called on the leadership of PDP and other critical stakeholders of the polity to adopt Tomone as the next council chairman, adding that the top has been deciding for the masses right from time immemorial, noting that this time around, the reverse should be the case. 

The statement reads in full below:

Tobu-Okun Political Front (TPF)

Press Briefing 


An Appeal To Governor Okowa, PDP leaders, Royal Fathers In Burutu LGA And Others To Make Amb. Chief (Dr) Godspopwer Tomone The Next Chairman Of Council.

On behalf of the Tobu-Okun Political Front in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, a body formed by good spirited indigenes of over 18 communities in our dear local government both oil producing and non oil producing communities with more communities indicating interest to join the front, I make this request via this press briefing on this 12th day of May 2022 in the Island of Burutu community, headquarters of the Local Government to champion a political course for our people. 

We are organising this press briefing to appeal to His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State, Burutu Local Government Political Leaders, our national leader, Chief Dr. Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, all royal fathers in Burutu Local Government Area and others to ensure that a Tobu-Okun son is made Chairman of our dear local government council in the next council election.

It is no longer a news that since the creation of Burutu Local Government council, a Tobu-Okun son has not tasted the office of Chairman in the Local Government despite hosting the Local Government Council and the economic viability of the area.

We have not come here to vilify anyone but to appeal to our leaders to consider a Tobu-Okun son with proven integrity, a man with leadership capacity and someone that truly understands the pains of our people to be given the chance to lead us as council chairman at this critical time of our existence, his name is Chief Amb. (Dr) Godspopwer Tomone.

Our decision to front Chief Amb. (Dr) Godspopwer Tomone as our choice for the next political dispensation as Chairman of Burutu Local Government is poised with the desire of good governance and delivering of the dividends of democracy.

We have over the years keenly followed the activities of Chief Tomone, we see him as a man with many positive colours, he is God fearing, a businessman, self reliant, a grass root political mobiliser, a philanthropist and a critical stakeholder of the Peoples Democratic Party in oil rich Ogulagha  Kingdom and beyond. 

Apart from serving the PDP in different capacities via committees in different elections, there can’t be any complete victory of the PDP in ward 11, Burutu Local Government Area, particularly in Ogulagha kingdom without the mention of Chief Amb. (Dr) Godspopwer Tomone. He has served the party with his hard earned resources and what have you since the birth of PDP in Delta State. 

Amb. Tomone has over the years transformed the lives of many across the Local Government via his Non Governmental Organisation, One Love Community Development & Promotion of Peace Initiative (OLCDPPI) by providing scholarship to students, various skill acquisition programmes for the youths and cash gifts to the aged and what have you. A good man like him deserved to be given a chance in the political arena for him to do more for our perpetually suffering masses. 

We are also appealing in advance to whoever that will succeed Okowa as Governor of Delta State and the proposed PDP leadership to see reasons with the Tobu-Okun Political Front to make Chief Tomone the next Chairman of Burutu Local Government. We have all decided that Ogulagha Kingdom should provide the next council chairman in the  Local Government since they have not produced the chairman nor vice chairman since the creation of the Local Government despite their economic contribution  in the  polity. It will only  be fair and equitable for Ogulagha Kingdom to  produce the next council chairman. 

The persons you are seeing here are people from the following communities that make up the Tobu-Okun Political Front, they include Burutu, Izon Oburutu ,, Forcados,, Yeye ,,Ogulagha ,,Youbebe ,,Youkiri ,, Obotobo I & II, Sokebolou ,,Egrangbene ,,Ekogbene ,Okibo_zion ,,Agedi_zion ,,Ebeberegbene ,,Odimodi ,,Kenilogbene Federated ,,Obotebe and Orugbene Communty.

However, it is our firm believe that Chief Tomone if given the chance will make the difference, we see him as the solution in ending the many developmental woes confronting the Local Government over the years and we shall be grateful if this our noble appeal of progress is given due consideration by our leaders. 

Going forward, as a group, our presence will be very visible in the media as well as engaging with critical stakeholders in Burutu Local Government Area and the state at large to ensure that Godspopwer Tomone becomes the next council chairman of Burutu. 

Thank you for listening. 

Long Live Tobu-Okun Political Front 

Long Live Burutu Local Government Council, 

Long Live Ijaw Nation

Long Live Delta State 

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Mr. Resident Kike Moto, President 

Mr. Preboye Lumumba, Secretary. 

Meanwhile, speaker after speaker during the press briefing  had all lauded the brain behind the Tobu-Okun Political Front for choosing Tomone, declaring that Tomone is a tested and trusted leader that can truly allay the fears of the people if given the chance, stressing that he has used his personal resources over the years in rendering humanitarian services across Ogulagha Kingdom and the Local Government at large.

The briefing was well attended by representatives of several communities in Burutu Local Government Area, members of Burutu Community including elders of Burutu community, women, youths with the host of others across the Local Government. 

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