How Ijaw Nation Converged In Warri To Celebrate Late Niger Delta Hero Boro

By Binebai Princewill 

It was historic yesterday in the Oil city of Warri as Ijaw Youths in Western Zone comprising Ondo, Edo and Delta states converged to celebrate the 54th Boro Day as an all time hero in the Niger Delta region. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report.

The event began early in the morning with Ijaw youths arriving at the famous Airport road in Warri from all kingdoms in Western Zone with a customized Boro T-shirts. 

Thereafter, there was a procession cum rally in honour of the late hero Maj. Gen. Jasper Adaka Boro  who fought and defended  minority rights particularly Niger Deltans in the Nigerian state. 

The youths matched from the Airport Junction down to the famous Tunde Smooth Playground at NPA in Warri South Local Government Area where an Ijaw musician, Prince Abraham Donor entertained dignitaries to maximum satisfaction. 

However, while on the procession, the colourful dress code of the Ijaw youths, Ijaw songs and the waving of the Ijaw flag was indeed a sight to behold. 

Speaker after speaker had described Late Boro as a rare figure in the region, stressing that the Ijaws will continue to owe him in high esteem, adding that his struggle and the declaration of Niger Delta republic later gave birth to the creation of Rivers and Bayelsa states.

To many who spoke with The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide, the celebration of Boro in Western Zone is not only historic and the very first in the Zone they described the move as a reunion of brotherhood. 

They particularly lauded the Dr. Comr. Doubra Collins Okotete’s leadership as being on the right track, adding that the Ijaws in Western Zone are proud of him and the entire Exco.  

However, Dr. Doubra Collins Okotete, Chairman Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Western Zone on his part stated that the late Boro is a pride to Ijaw identity and race, adding that the Ijaw people must use the 54th Boro day as a day for introspection and imbibe in the virtues of tolerance and unity, so as to confront the brunt of environmental degradation, socioeconomic challenges and infrastructure gaps in Ijawland. 

Hailing the late Ijaw nationalist and hero, Major Jasper Isaac Adaka Boro, he said: “The 54th Boro Day for us as a people is to reflect the impactful life of our leader who was a colossus in activism and whose wisdom and high moral values were impeccable virtues desirable in any society.

The Chairman maintained that Boro’s agitation can not be forgotten in a hurry; while saluting the love and commitment he had for the Ijaw race and the Niger Delta at large. 

In addition, the Chairman urged President Muhammadu Buhari to as a matter of urgency assent to the bill of the Maritime University Okerenkoko, adding that as Ijaw people, “we sustain the economy of this country, yet it is unfortunate our resources can’t be used to develop our places. we can’t see education as a privilege in Ijaw areas, it is the right of Ijaw sons and daughters to be educated, and we know what we stand to achieve when the Maritime University Okerenkoko, is legally backed and funded.

“Furthermore, the Chairman decried how Ijaw people have died of cholera and pipe borne diseases as a result to gas flaring and the negligence of NFG. Hitherto in 1956 when oil was discovered, as Ijaw people the mainstay of our livelihood is fishing and farming, today there are no fishes in our rivers and our once fertile soil, is infertile because of oil exploration and exploitation. 

“Boro saw all these injustices that was why he left school to lead the protest against the exploitation of oil and gas resources in the Niger Delta, believing that we deserve a larger share of proceeds of the oil wealth. It is, therefore, condescending to note that all these things our leader fought for, we are still being deprived of it today.

“So, we call on the multinational, indigeneous oil companies and all associated sub-contractors in the oil industry to address the environmental injustice against Ijaw Communities in Delta, Edo and Ondo because we will not tolerate the injustice melted on our host communities any further. It is also incubent for the companies operating within Western Zone in all Ijaw Communities that we are closely monitoring the implementations and operations of the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) on our host and impacted communities. 

“Hence, we advise Ijaw youths and Ijaw people at large that if we must be liberated, we must show tolerance and be united amongst ourselves.”

Okotete asserted that the Ijaw youths in Western Zone will not renege in its quest for an Ijaw Governor come 2023, stressing that they are solidly behind the Ijaw agenda. 

He particularly lauded leaders that supported the programme financially, morally and otherwise as well as  all structures of council in the Zone that turned out  for the programme including national officers and leaders of the Zone.

Photo Credit The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide. 

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