By Binebai Princewill 

Niger Delta Leader and a living ancestor of the Ijaw struggle for liberation, Amb. Dibi Yinkore (JP) has stated that the Ijaw people will always celebrate late Maj. General Jasper Isaac Adaka Boro as a true hero that fought for the emancipation of the Ijaw people, Niger Delta and Nigeria at large, adding that he set the pace for minority rights movement in Nigeria.

The highly revered Niger Delta repented former warlord made the disclosure on Monday 16th of May 2022 in Warri while celebrating the late hero 54 years after via an exclusive chat with The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide.

Amb. Dibi Yinkore particularly stated that the Ijaw nation have come a long way in the Nigerian state, stressing that Boro may have died but his legacies will continue to live on.

Speaking further, the founding member of Meinbutu had charged Ijaw leaders to use the Boro Day celebration as a day of sober reflection on how the Ijaws began the struggle for self determination, where we are now, the achievements so far and where the Ijaws ought to be in the Nigerian state.

He continued that, till date, apart from Rivers and Bayelsa states that were created to pacify Boro, the Ijaw struggle for liberation has not really yielded the desired result.

The global peace ambassador asserted that the Ijaws must continue to look inward tactically with a developmental blueprint that will change the narratives where every community in Ijaw land and her people will feel a sense of belonging.

Yinkore maintained that he has been in the Ijaw struggle for liberation for several decades now because he is wintry to injustice and oppression of any kind like Boro, stressing that the Ijaw and Niger Delta struggle for self identity has assumed a different dimension such as the intellectual approach.

While positioning Boro as a Niger Delta and National Hero in Nigeria, he said Boro declared the Niger Delta Republic in 1966, 12 days later he was overpowered by the Nigerian government, hence Boro and his men were thrown into prison to be executed, adding that as God would have it, following the declaration of Biafra Republic in 1967, Gen. Yakubu Gowon released Boro and his men from prison.

“Upon his release, Boro fought for the invisibility of the country until he was shot dead from behind while fighting for the Nigerian government, to keep Nigeria as one.

“When a man gave up his life to prevent separation from the country, that person is no doubt a national hero, that is what Boro our late hero did.

“I am very proud to always associate with this day, Boro did well for our people and the Nigerian state hence he deserved to be celebrated everytime  “. Amb. Dibi added.

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