2023: I Am Coming To Deliver Effective Representation In Burutu North – Desmond

By Ndu Samuel 

The youngest House of Assembly candidate in Burutu Local Government Council, Comr. Desmond Binebai of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) has vowed that if voted into the Delta State House of Assembly to represent Burutu North come 2023, he will deliver effective representation to his people. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report.

According to him, he noted that while his ambition to contest the Burutu North Assembly position come 2023 is not to involve in a campaign to attack the characters of others, he said his mission is to win the election with issue based campaign. 

Desmond stated that he has not come to joke with his ambition but he has come to answer the call of the suffering masses in Burutu North, stressing that others have done their part over the years hence he has come to also contribute his quota with a more energetic representation. 

Binebai noted that he has prepared himself over the years for the task of leadership, stressing that he has the democratic and leadership credentials to move Burutu North forward.

Speaking further, young Desmond had called on the numerous youths across Burutu North to see his coming as a liberation for the youths, adding that the time  has come for a youthful representation in Burutu North, stressing that the time is now.

The ADC Burutu North Assembly candidate had challenged all youths in Burutu North to be deeply involved in politics, adding that the youths have the power to decide who represents them come 2023 through their votes. 

He continued that the youths have waited for too long, stressing that youths must and should be today’s leaders and not tomorrow, stressing that today was the tomorrow that was talked about yesterday, adding that if not now, tomorrow is like a mirage that will never come.

Meanwhile, Desmond said while a lot of people may want to see his contest as a joke, he revealed that from now till 2023 shall tell his preparedness for the task of representation.

He said he is coming with new swag to represent the people of Burutu North, stressing that there can’t be any youth without a father hence the elders will be respected and pampered with lots of love and appreciation, stating that if given the chance he will operate an all inclusive representation with women and youths that will feel his representation. 

Desmond said as a young man born in the creeks of Burutu Local Government, he is well aware of the pains bedeviling Burutu North, promising that if elected come 2023, he will raise meaningful motions in the House, sponsore key bills to better his people, effectively spread his  constituency projects and perform his oversight functions and collaborate with relevant stakeholders and institutions for the development of the constituency. 

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