7 Years In UK, Nigerian Woman Cries Out Without Having Any Man

“How  Do You People Find Love?” Nigerian Lady Who’s Been Living in The UK for 7 Years Without a Man Cries Out.

A Nigerian lady relocated to the United Kingdom (UK) seven years ago but since then, no man has ever asked her out It got to the point that she had to approach her colleagues at work to ask them if something is actually wrong with her.

The heartbroken lady vented her frustrations on social media as she appealed to people to advise her on how to find love. A single Nigerian woman has complained bitterly about being unable to find love after spending years in the United kingdom. 

According to her, she has spent seven years in the UK and in all her years of living there, no man has ever approached her for a relationship. Sharing her unenviable ordeal on social media, she recounted how the situation bothered her so much that she had to meet her colleagues at work for advice. 

She asked them if she has a problem, but they disagreed and made her know that her case is not different from theirs.

They laughed at her while informing her that finding love isn’t really easy abroad, especially in the UK. Buttressing further in a video shared by @instablog, the young woman appealed to people to teach her how to get a man. 

In her words: “So guys I’ve been in the UK for 7 years now and not a single day has someone stopped me on the road to propose to me. So I went to work and I asked my colleagues. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. But apparently they started laughing and said it’s the same thing everywhere. I just want to know. People in the UK where do you people find love? We want to know. We are tired of being single. Please unsingle us” 

 “I also need someone to unsingle me please.” 

Jittymars “Please come back let another person go and search for you.” Daringo Abel noted: “This is actually true. I have friends abroad that tell me the same thing.”

Chiomzy Okafor_ added: “Try and repackage your hair first then come back for advice.” 

Source: Legit.ng 

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