July 21, 2024
Princess Preye Joy Amgbare, candidate of the National Rescue Movement (NRM) has pledged to make a good and quality representation in Bayelsa state House of Assembly from Sagbama contituency 11.

She also pledged to embark on infrastructural development and massive empowerment of the youths, men and women within her resources,  if voted 2023 as lawmaker.

Amgbare,  disclosed in a press statement Tuesday,,  said” I want to contribute my quota in human capital and infrastructure development  through legislative business in 2023 Bayelsa State House of Assembly. I have concern for sustainable infrastructural development as well as empowerment programmes for youths, women/men in my constituency. I have seen that youths, men and women need various kinds of support in my constituency as the poverty rate is high due to joblessnes,” She promised.

Princess Joy Amgbare, lover of youths and  visionary young  leader from Sagbama constituebcy 11, noted that she has all it takes to represent her constituency with a good leadership and passion to serve her constituents.

Amgbare, a graduate of the prestigious  University of Port-Harcourt who bagged Education political science and  Msc. Education, said her people have spoken with her severally, urging her to give them robust and purposeful representation  She assured that she  would not let them down, if given the mandate in 2023.

” Apart from participating in good lawmaking, I will engage vigoriously on my oversight functions by carrying out empowerment programmes of youths, women and men to justify and compensate my people for voting me.

My empowerment programmes will cut across the entire constituency, irrespective of political party affiliation. Don’t forget, I will also make a good bridge with the executive arm to attract robust constituency projects and ensure all projects are closely monitored for proper execution to thank my people as payback.

” I have passion to serve my people. I want my people in Sagbama constituency 11 to send me as their messenger in 2023 to the Bayelsa state House of Assembly. I have the courage and the grace to stand tall in male dominated hallow chambers to look them eye-ball- to-ball to speak without fear or favour on behalf of the good people of Sagbame and for all Bayelsans  to yield the dividends of democracy, making my impact in lawmaking. Good lawmaking and genuine leadership know no gender. But capacity makes the difference . As a woman, I will not let my constituents down. And I am here to serve all Bayelsans, if voted into power by the grace of God, Sagbama constituency 11 shall sing song of joy for sending me to the Bayelsa state House of Assemby” she promised.

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