Renowned African Literary Scholar, Prof Binebai Releases Powerful Message To Celebrate His Son


Every biological father has a first son. And every father can only be proud of a first that lives up to expectation in character and training. And it is a thing of joy to see a first son conquering the world and contributing significantly to light up the destinies of the high, the mighty and the lowly placed. Most first sons are usually producers of their fathers grandchildren. First sons are most times inheritors of their fathers business or profession. Princewill Yerinlaemi Benedict Binebai is my first fruit, the father of my grandchildren and the one who has taken journalism which I started and emerged as Bayelsa’s journalist of the year 2005, to the digital space.

Liberator Newspapers, a household name in journalism everywhere the eyes see and the ears travel to, is the talk and tango of every tongue, the most authoritative, reachable and affordable voice of the voiceless. It is not easy to dream dreams to come to concrete materiality and it is even a more difficult task to dream dreams to sustain a dream.

On this your special day of birth I ask God the father, God the Son and God the Holy spirit to give you good health, longlife and prosperity.

Receive victory over the host of wickedness and evil against you, the Lord will reschedule your enemies to useless and harmless assignments and every evil device against you will suffer defeat. You will walk from grace to grace and from victory to victory in your life and in your profession. Enjoy your day son and remain great.

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