Politicians especially in subjugated spaces ought to expand freedom but the ones we have in such spaces in Nigeria lockup freedom, instead of working for redemption they remain docile. Politicians deceive and operate domestic oppression. At the edge of their brilliant speeches rest the axe to cut down progress not retrogression.

They believe in disunity to underscore self worth, personal gain is more important than collective gain. Those politicians from clearly disempowred spaces have no voice in the political ring. But their voices are loud at home.They have a moral right to choose good politics but they choose the incredibly dangerous politics.

In politics, honesty is light, dishonesty is darkness and backwardness. A few politicians aknowlegde this assertion remained guided by it. We can measure the progress of our land with the honesty displayed by our political leaders. Majority of them only think of future elections not the future generation of the society they represent. They decamp from parties not because of what they will do for their immediate society but what gain they can make for themselves.Forgeting that the masses gave them mandate.

They go broke when out of office.They refuse to lead when in office and become visible leaders when out of office. When they sit in the saddle they have no vision, no direction to go. It’s all bad political mathematics because it has no answer to sustain the mathematical politics of nationalism.

Characteristically, politicians from the muted gulf produce followers that are hungry and constantly beg for crumbs, instead of producing rich followers. Like dramatic cast those who are followers do not rise above the position of followership.

Sadly, some leaders sacrifice followers or enemies, slaughter people to protect and advance an idea or vision of interest..They patronise weapons we do not need to build society. Their politics makes politics worse, instead of curing bad politics ,they help to grow and inflame bad politics. Their love for politics drawns the love for their land because they see and conduct thenselves as libertarians who recognise the self and family not the society. To these leaders, society does not exist.

They always have ideas and money to deceive people. And frankly, they have no ideas and money to develop the land.The ballot ought to be stronger than bullets and money but nowadays money seems stronger than bullets and ballots because it controls the human mind.

Ijaw nation is constantly fooled and recurrently deceived. Even those recorded in history as failed leaders and leaders of retrogression are canonised publicly by gullible masses. It is leadership malaise that has even crippled the power of the hoipoli.The world is a place where history records the good, the bad and the ugly on the stage of life.Posterity will read about us.

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