BREAKING: Ebolo Resigns As Media Aide To IYC President, Give Reasons

Comr. Ebolo Samuel, media/publicity aide to the 8th President of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide, Comr. (Dcn) Peter Timothy Igbifa has resigned his position.

Comr. Ebolo issued the resignation letter via a piece of information signed and made available to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide earlier today.

The statement read below:



The time has come for me to officially tender my resignation letter as aide to the one time vocal President, Ijaw youth Council Worldwide, comr dcn Peter Igbifa who against all odds got the admiration of the entire Youth of the region during a south south governors meeting sometimes ago where he was heard daring the governors as part of our problems in the region. That was the IYC of the old I know. 

I was called upon 2years ago by very prominent leaders in Western Zone( name withheld) that I was nominated as Western zone representative on media to the president. That, upon my affirmative yes, the Official pronouncement will be made public. 

I pondered much and in my state of confusion I saw a daring manifesto with audacity & uncommon courage displayed by the current president during the electioneering process at Oproza in a video that saw him victorious.

While I am yet to see him in person or know his kind, I was persuaded with what I saw and part of my desire to contribute my quota in the progress of Ijaw Nation, I agreed to work closely with him.

In playing my media roll in tandem with the Kaiama declaration and to strengthen Council in Unity of purpose, I initiated a meeting between the president & some stakeholders, Media gurus in Western Zone twice.

Those powerful meetings also contributed to a NEC & stakeholders meeting at  Porthacourt in hotel Presidential where a month ultimatum was given to the Federal  government to constitute the NDDC board and more other irregularities that bedevilled us as a people in the region. 

To my hotmost dismay,  the grand commander-in-chief of all the youths across the Niger Delta region both within & outside the country was kidnapped at the eve of the protest against our expectations, which, to us was the saddest breaking news ever written in the history of Council. In that way Council was murdered. 

The relationship between a boss & his media aide is liken to two inseparable lovers who may not want a day pass without hearing from each other. Ours is a different game entirely. talking to your own boss is like applying to see the president of Nigeria, something you may pray for even a year to comeby but may not have it. This is the position I found myself. 

And very more recently was the fragrant & boastful display of dollars by president to those he claimed supported him while he was seeking the office. This is not the IYC I envisioned and this certainly is not even the dream of our late hero Major Jasper Adaka Boro whose soul may still be weeping in the grave till date.

It is on this note, I humbly tender my resignation letter as media/publicity aide to mr president while I wish him a successful tenure ahead. 

Ebolo  Samuel 

Chairman Ngbilebiri,

Chairman,  clan chairmen forum Western Zone. 

Meanwhile, when calls where put across to the President of Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide to hear his reaction on the matter, his phone number was not reachable as at the time of filing this report.

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