Ngbilebiri Kingdom Royal Families Meet, Set Up Powerful Committee On Way Forward

WARRI – The Bigborogha and Kaka Royal Families of Ngbilebiri Mein Kingdom in a well attended meeting in the Pere’s Palace at Kiagbodo on Saturday 6th August, 2022 after deliberations on issues of utmost importance, set up a Seven-Man Think-Tank Committee.

The Joint Committee which have Apostle Simeon Dode as Chairman, Prince Dr Ahmed Saibakumor as Secretary with five others as members were given the responsibility to work towards the peace and progress of Ngbilebiri Mein Kingdom, in respect of pending agendas in the kingdom.

Prof. Dr Moses M Adagbabiri, Chairman Reconciliation Committee of the Kaka Royal Dynasty who addressed the committee concerning their terms of reference said:

“My advice to you members of the committee is to take the issue seriously, work within the terms of reference and make sure that you come out with positive result within the time stipulated.”

He remarked: “The meeting held today here at Kiagbodo in the Pere’s Palace by the Bigborogha and the Kaka Royal Dynasty which was well attended is the first of it’s kind, let us make our promises good by working towards the peace and progress of our kingdom.”

Apostle Simeon Dode the Chairman of the Seven -Man Think -Tank Committee in his inaugural speech said: “The meeting was fruitful and the committee is a great opportunity to put many things Which are not in proper shape in order for the overall interest of all sons and daughters of Ngbilebiri Mein Kingdom both at home and in diaspora.

He explained: “The need for this committee is long overdue, because we have longed for a day like this, and today we have set up a joint committee here in the Palace at Kiagbodo, and I am privileged to be the chairman.

He continued: “Within the terms of reference, l assure the Bigborogha and Kaka Royal Families that we Will do our best to fine-tune identifiable grey areas and obstacles confronting us as a people in our dear kingdom, and by the grace of God, we will get a solution that will be beneficial to all to move Ngbilebiri Mein Kingdom forward as one entity collectively indomitable.”

Prince Dr. Ahmed Saibakumor, the Secretary of the Committee in his statement said: ” Today with this committee, I will say we have achieved a breakthrough, in the sense that the two Royal Familiesagreed to set up this joint committee which suggest unity of purpose, a ray of hope and a clear signal of better things to come.

Hon Paul Kurugbe and Elder Matthew Apiakise who spoke onbehalf of the Bigborogha Royal Family Posited. ” From the depth of our inner reccesses, we sincerely appreciate the efforts of the Kaka Royal Family for their show of love and solidarity towards the Bigborogha Royal Family in Particular and the entire Ngbilebiri Mein Kingdom in general.

The duo of Hon Paul kurugbe and Elder Matthew Apiakise in their advice to the Committee stressed thus :

“Our candid advice to you members of the Seven -Man Think–Tank Committee is for you to come out with a blueprint within the shortest possible time guided by the terms of reference to move the kingdom forward.”

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