The Anti-Pipeline Vandalisation/Crude Oil Theft And Illegal Bunkery Task Force Group, hailed the Olu of Warri Tsola Emiko Ogiame Atunwase III, for being able to sustain and keep alive the dreams vision and mission statement of the Ocean Marine Solutions Company wish is the original plan of his in-law, high Chief Captain Hosa West Okunbo of blessed memory who is the founder of the company to an enviable height and now become a global brand in it’s operations in the Nation marine and Oil Sector.

This was contained in a statement made available to press in Warri Delta state and signed by the National Coordinator of the group, GEN FIAWEI PATHFINDER, AKA OSAMA, where they acknowledged the tremendous good roles played by the Olu of Warri as the Chairman of the Ocean Marine Solutions Company.

According to the Task Force Group that volunteered it’s support and it took it upon themselves to fight against elements in the business of siphoning crude oil illegally and Pipeline Vandalism despite the one year demise of the Founder of Ocean Marine Solutions Company, the revered highly respected first class monarch has been able to work hard tirelessly to repositioned, transform restructured OMS, and contributing to ensure increase of Oil production go on seamlessly in the country and for sustaining the fight against pipeline Vandalism illegal Bunkerey activities in the region that has drastically reduced in the region, which we may say that His Royal Majesty, King Atunwase the 111, the Olu Of Warri kingdom has marvelously done well by bringing his wealth of experience to bear wish is highly commendable.

The statement reads in part,”We the leadership of Anti-Pipeline Vandalisation/Oil Theft and Illegal Bunkery Task Force Group, has deemed it fit for us to commend and applaud the untiring sterling leadership qualities, selfless services of the Olu Of Warri kingdom, His Imperial Majesty, King Tsola Emiko Ogiame Atunwase the 111, in the spirit of Nation building and bridging peace borne out of patriotism of the late Captain Hosa Okunbo life style and legacies while on mother earth, who is the founder of Ocean Marine Solutions logistics Company, currently handling Pipeline Surveillance Job in the Creek of Delta State, for putting proper measures to tackle the menace of pipeline vandalism and demolition of illegal refining camps set up by this dare devil syndicates with collaborators with some high profile persons in the society

“Looking way back after one year of the sudden demise of the Founder/CEO of Ocean Marine Solutions Company, High Chief Captain Hosa Okunbo, it is imperative for us as stakeholders in the oil sector who are in the fight against pipeline vandalization and crude oil theft in the creeks of the Niger Delta region to emphatically appraise and applaud the excellent untiring selfless sacrifices, very important contributions and key roles the chairman of the company, His Royal Majesty King Atunwase the 111, the Olu Of Warri has played so far based on his wealth of experience.

“To this end, as the National Coordinator of the group, I GENERAL FIAWEI PATHFINDER (AKA OSAMA) emphatically express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Olu Of Warri kingdom for keeping alive the dream, vision and mission statement of our BOSS, High Chief Captain Hosa West Okunbo of blessed memory who is the Founder/CEO of the company to proffer security and logistics solutions to the Nation Marine and Oil Sector for putting all necessary modalities in place and in making sure that the Ocean Marine Solutions Company gain its number one position in the nation’ oil and gas sector and for acquiring more marine vessels and turn the company into a global brand in the absence of late Captain Hosa Okunbo. And for delving into other business ventures areas as he runs the affairs of the company smoothly and transparently with an open mind as a man of honor with many regards.

“And with the standard recorded so far we are very much impressed with the high performance that indicates His Royal Majesty’s proven capability with intellectual capacity in running the affairs of Ocean Marine Solutions Company Limited is rated number one in handling Pipeline Surveillance contract jobs, and with it’s proven track record we urge NNPC management and the presidency to always consider Ocean Marine Solutions Company first in terms of re awarding and re newing it’s pipeline surveillance Contract Jobs in the region before any other competitor if at all there is any one to go by we steminglly advice”

The group also described the Olu of Warri as an accomplished businessman with proven track record of competency and capability with a wide knowledge and experience in the field of management. And could be best described as astute and outstanding administrator who oversees other liability companies as Founder, Chairman Board of Director, including Noble Nigeria Ltd Company, Coral Curator Ltd Company, Gulf Of Guinea Ltd with Vesselink Nigeria Ltd and now Chairman in charge of Ocean Marine Solutions Company Limited”, the statement pointed.

While disclosing Its collaboration with Ocean Marine Surveillance Team in the creek of Delta State who are in charge of the OML30, Transforcados pipeline and other pipelines appreciated and commended the tremendous hard work and tireless efforts Contributed by one of the Directors and Community Liaison Officer in charge of the day to day running and operations of Ocean Marine Solutions Company, Chief Benson Onuaje, for operating an inclusive and transparent operation that have created a lot of employment opportunities for majority of youths in the creeks of Niger Delta, there is no way the Success story and the achievements of Ocean Marine Solutions Company could be possible without making mentioned of Chief Benson Onuaje name as far as we are concerned.

“And it is a fact that Chief Benson Onuaje who is one of the directors in the Ocean Marine Solutions Company and Comrade Akpos Mezeh, a former Ijaw Youth Council Chairman, Western Zone that is also one of the community Liaison Officers of the company have created an employment opportunities to the youths in the Niger Delta wish has led to a peaceful enabling environment devoid of militancy, sea piracy activities that have drastically reduced; the issue of incessant pipeline vandalism and illegal bunkering activities on the water ways of Delta State for years and is now a safe environment for multinational oil companies to derive in the creeks.

“And we must sincerely applaud Benson Onuaje for carrying along both the Ijaws and the Itsekiris along, and for establishing a peaceful cordial working relationship between the two tribes who are both host to the NNPC Major Pipelines in the creek without any segregation neither issue of shortchanging one tribe against another between the two, “We acknowledge the vital good roles Chief Benson Onuaje has been playing based on his selfless contributions in terms of prompt payment of monthly stipends to the community Pipeline Surveillance staffs and providing all needed necessary Logistics for the smooth operations of the company, the group added.”

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