Leave Tompolo Alone, Face Other Niger Delta Problems, IIA Tells Faceless Gunmen

By Binebai Princewill 

A Niger Delta group under the auspices of Izanzan Intellectual Camp, also known as Ijaw Interest Advocates (IIA) has called on faceless militant group  to desist from acts capable of breaching the peace and security in the region. 

The group had in a statement personally signed and made available to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide by its national coordinator, Amb. Salaco Yerinmene had charged the said faceless group to leave Tompolo alone but to rather concentrate on other issues bedeviling the Ijaw people and Niger Delta at large. 

The statement read below in full:

Press Statement 

Pipeline Surveillance contract: The Crab Spirit in Ijaw Land Must be Shamed and Resisted!

Our attention as been drawn to  a video going round the cyber space where some faceless Niger Delta youths claiming to be Ijaws threatening some key Ijaw stakeholders over the pipeline surveillance contract awarded to GOC Tompolo.

While we can’t keep mute over the display of greediness by the faceless Niger Delta youths, we are equivocally stating that their evil threats are shameful and uncalled for as it is so disheartening seeing  Ijaws always being antagonistic to each other. 

However, we are not too happy with the way peanuts are handed to the Ijaw Nation, Niger Delta by the Federal government anytime their channel of looting our resources are threatened but that doesn’t mean that we will be part of those that will oppose and truncate the effort of those that are struggling to allay the fears of our people. 

If the faceless gun gang is so pained and powerful enough, why are they not bothered how Ijaw Nation oil money is shared and used to develop and industrialise northern and western states that don’t contribute to the sustainability of Nigeria while subjecting the Ijaw people whose land produce and house the oil and multinationals companies to continual hardship and perpetual slavery. 

If they are interested  in the wellbeing of the Niger Delta region why are they mute  when our oil money is been used to construct railways, refineries and gas pipeline for Niger Republic, NDDC money shared in Abuja, Oil blocks are given to northerners and their emirs in the North as entertainment gifts, and the Niger Delta people are not employed in the IOC’S? Is the oil piped and linked to the Dangote refinery in Lagos from the Niger delta not deserving their attention and protest?

It saddens sane minds to know that the tiny Oil Pipeline surveillance contract awarded to High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, our kinsman has become a problem of a group that tag itself Ijaw group.

Owing to their gross misguide, it has become imperative that the attention of the gun gang be drawn to the devastated lands and rivers of Niger Delta and suggest that they focus on engaging the federal government on cleaning and remediation jobs and stop breaking their heads over a mere surveillance contract given to Tompolo.

We, in our magnanimity are also drawing the attention of the self-acclaimed gunlords to focus on how our people, the Ijaw people would be directly involved in the National Petroleum Products Distribution Scheme and make available Petroleum products to our people in lesser or affordable prices. This would serve a better purpose for the Ijaw nation that produce the oil but suffers and sell both their sweat and blood to buy oil products. 

We are by this statement calling and warning whatever gun group parading itself as a pro-Ijaw group that is threatening High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo,  High Chief Timipre Marlin Sylva and other Ijaw stakeholders to retrace their steps and desist from such ill-intentioned and ill-fated plan as every step taken by anyone to truncate or destroy the fragile peace we are currently enjoying in the Niger Delta would be resisted at all costs. 

Peace is Priceless.

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