By Binebai Princewill 

A maritime scholar and founder of the BEBETEBE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (BEFOUND), Mr. Bebetebe Fetimi Balogun has added his voice to that of others in Nigeria to congratulate Niger Delta grand commandant of the struggle for resource control and self determination, High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo on his award of security pipeline surveillance contract by the federal government of Nigeria. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report.

The foundation had expressed readiness as expert in the maritime industry to work with Tompolo whenever they are called upon to do so. 

Founder of the foundation, Mr. Bebetebe Fetimi Balogun who is a global award winning maritime scholar, presently doing his doctorate degree in abroad had also urged Niger Deltans to embrace Tompolo, stressing that everyone should rally around him to bring the much needed development to the region. 

The statement reads below in full:

We are glad to share with you Sir, the joy of this well deserved honour which is a reflection of your  sterling contribution to the socio economy, political and Educational development to the Niger Delta and Nigeria. We greatly congratulate you for such a great surveillance contract. This will greatly help to also control the pollution effects that do negatively affect the Niger Delta in areas of aquatic life, health degradation and damage to our blue economy in a deeper sense. 

We may only see today but the adverse effects of pollution caused by illegal bunkering outweighs the immediate benefits. We know that the economic situation of the Niger Delta is challenging and the blame is not directed to the Niger Delta people but we must be careful not to damage even our future by destroying our environment. Therefore, the need for a collaboration to seek for better means for our Economic survival as you rightly quote ” We don’t have other home or country than Nigeria, so we must take care of our dear country”.

It is a clear fact that 90 percent of the National revenue comes from the Niger Delta region,  therefore, there is need to collectively work together in all human spheres to protect the interest of this area. The development of Niger Delta is a collaborative effort of all and sundry. 

Educational development has been also a major challenge in the Niger Delta that there is no much institutions to build the mindset of youths in this region ranging from primary to secondary school and to higher institutions. Even the few existing ones needed serious care and attention. The Educational development in Niger Delta is far poor than other regions in the whole of Nigeria but the funding of state and federal institutions comes from this region directly or indirectly. How many good and well equiped primary, secondary and tertiary institutions do we have in the riverine environment of Niger Delta? 

A tripartite education philosophy as a system will create a better platform for both awareness and peaceful economic development. If we truly want the development of the Niger Delta, we must place great value towards education, not just academics but education that is inclusive of both academics and job creation. ” An idle mind is Devil workshop”. The only positive sensitization tool to an innovative mind is creative education ( tripartite philosophy).

Despite the high level of credible energetic youths in this region,  the access to good education had been a tough one cutting across the coastal environment of the Niger Delta. Education is a great tool to build a modern society. If there are good schools in primary, secondary and higher institution level, it will create a means for self sustainable development, creation of jobs and also serious agricultural development. Niger Delta is very rich in in blue economy and even other sectors of agriculture. But pollution  had destroyed a whole lot of these rich natural endowments. We pray not to have extinction of such rich aquatic plants, animals and fishes.  

The BEBETEBE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (BEFOUND). A Fully registered organization by the federal government of Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration number: 183041 with  clear objectives as to creating awareness on the importance of Education both in rural, urban and global communities inclusive of global peace initiatives, entrepreneurship, sport and youth development.

The foundation (BEFOUND) with her team members most of which are from the Niger Delta region, presently doing their doctorate programs in the United Kingdom, Canada and other peaceful intellectual graduates and skill workers are  ready to work with their Niger Delta icon High Chief Government Ekpemupolo if they can be given such opportunity to do so. 

The foundation ( BEFOUND) will be ready to carryout serious awareness programs and other developmental frameworks to assist in any form for a peaceful coexistence. 

Fetimi Balogun Bebetebe has a developed tripartite philosophy of education together with his team will always be ready to work in any platform with the icon (High Chief Government Ekpemupolo) anytime when called upon. 

We once more congratulate our dear icon and encourages all and sundry to give him supporting hands in this new welcoming development of Niger Delta. Niger Delta is not as difficult to develop compared to a lot of economical developed sites in Dubai. Development of Niger Delta riverine environment is not an impossible task if collective efforts can be put in place.                                                      

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