Rivers State: Youths Commend Surveillance Contractor Brown, Warn Illegal Bunkers To Keep Clear

Youths in Ekpeye Kingdom, Rivers State operating under the auspices of Ekpeye Youth Front have sounded a note of warning to all those fighting Mr. Brown whom they described as a good man fighting illegal bunkering in the area to keep clear from him. 

The note of warning was contained in a statement signed by Comr. Victor Anugwo, president of Ekpeye Youth Front, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide yesterday. 

The statement had called on the Federal Government of Nigeria, Rivers state Government and security agencies to completely disregard those bent on tarnishing the hard earned reputation of Mr. Brown but to rather go after those alleged illegal oil bunkers. 

The statement read below in full:


Association of Illegal Oil Bunkers in Igbu-Igbuduya,Okube, Ikpeye Kingdom led by one Comrade Ifeanyi Madu, sees no good in Mr. Brown because of his magnificent deeds of sanity to the land. The mischievous makers are out to tarnish the image of Mr. Brown to get their way of their evil actions in the community unknowing to them.

Mr. Brown is a professional surveillance contractor in this part of our region who is known by everybody for his peaceful disposition has no day mean ill for his host communities or where his work is sighted.

For clarity and avoidance of doubt, we want to unequivocally states that;

  1. Mr. Brown is not a cultist or anything related to cultism, it is a known fact that, the illegal bunkers hired the services of different cult groups to protect their illegal bunkery sites, like it happened at Okegbe community where such hired cult groups fought for supremacy on who will collect the highest share of the money being paid by the illegal bunkers, and that led to a lost of life and destruction of properties.
  2. Mr. Brown has no hands in the acclaimed killing in Igbu-Igbuduya, Okube in Ekpeye Kingdom
  3. That Mr. Brown is not a criminal but an advocate of peace and good governance which we all can attest to.
  4. That Mr. Brown is not a rapist ,and cannot do such an abominable act to his people he holds in high esteem. Over the years, Mr Brown has been known to be sane and morally upright. 

Thus, their outburst against the person of Mr Brown is a result of the significant gains recorded by Mr brown against the criminals and illegal bunkers in ekpeye kingdom.

5 That Mr. Brown is a special breed whose activities are glaring for the emacipation of oil Theft in the land.

The people of  Igbu-Igbuduya,  Ekube , Ikpeye Kingdom in Rivers state and Nigerians at large should not take these marauding illegal bunkers, criminals and cultists led by Comrade Ifeanyi serious because they are gang of criminals (ASSOCIATION OF ILLEGAL OIL BUNKERS)  being misled by mischievous makers to tarnish the image of Mr. Brown to give way for their continuous illegal activities that has eventually destroyed all aspects of human livelihood.

The mischievous makers wants to tarnish his image for their gain. Mr. Brown is  doing a  professional Job of which the Police,DSS,The Nigerian Army is aware. He is not waging war against anybody or involved in the killing of innocent souls in the kingdom

On this note, we ( Ekpeye Youth Front) wants to call on Mr Brown not to relent on the good works he is doing in our great kingdom, and their desperation has shown that, you are winning the war against criminality and illegal oil bunkery in Ekpeye land.

Thus, we call on the Federal and the Rivers state government to take note of these gangs of criminals led by Comrade Ifeanyi Madu who are out to fight Mr. Brown to continuously have their way of illegal oil activities to cause mayhem in the land.

Comrade Victor Anugwo, president Ekpeye Youth front.

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