UPDATED: How NIMASA Gave Fake Health Insurance To Batch 2 Cadets Currently In The Philippines

By Binebai Princewill 

The Batch 2 cadets of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) on the Nigerian Seafarers Development Programme (NSDP) in the Philippines for their Certificate of Competency (CoC) have now been exposed to all forms of dangers owing to the fact that NIMASA allegedly gave them fake health insurance.

The stranded batch 2 cadets while narrating their ordeals noted that life has become horrible to them as they cannot be treated in any of the hospitals in the Philippines despite being sick due to the fake health insurance given to them by NIMASA.

The Cadets  who briefed The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide recently from the Philippines with a condition of anonymity had stated that life has been helish to them as NIMASA has abandoned them for over one month allowing them to pass through terrible, terrific and terrifying living conditions in a foreign land. 

However, our source maintained that they are presently facing all kinds of harsh living conditions, ranging from hunger, sickness without medical care and grappling  with expired house rent issues.

However, they had called on President Buhari as leader of the country to direct the officials of NIMASA to do the needful by living up to their responsibilities by taking care of the students, adding that it is really bad for Nigerian Students to face such a terrifying experience in a foreign land. 

“The nsdp program has been going on since 2012 so far several cadets have been sent to different countries to study, unfortunately things haven’t been the way the agency said it will be, the cadets have spent 10YRS for a 4yrs program due to the corrupt nature of the nsdp office, this is extremely sad the NSDP office have previously asked the cadets to spend their money to get documents that the agency has already provided funds, but will deliberately refuse to reimburse the cadets with such funds going ahead to claim the funds to their own pockets, example police clearance document for travel purposes, pcr test, quarantine fees, all this amounting to over #500,000 each cadets.

“March 2022 the second batch was sent to the Philippines for coc license exams and one of the mandatory requirements from the Philippines government was medical insurance worth $30,000 of which the agency provided which enabled the cadets to travel to the Philippines, upon arrival in the Philippines after few months some of the cadets got sick and was sent to the hospital it was then they realize and found out that nimasa gave the cadets a fake medical insurance.

“The agency gave the cadets only $6,564 to run the license program that can be completed successfully with a minimum of at least $10,000 due to  inflation of price of things in the Philippines due to the pandemic Covid-19, now the cadets have spent over $2000 for medical expenses from the $6,564 given to them, now they are sick and stranded with no medical insurance and no money in the Philippines, they have made several attempt to relay their needs to the nsdp office/ nimasa for over a month now there has been no response, now they cry for help from Nigerians!” Our source stated

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